Jermaine Dupri didn’t hold back when discussing Drake’s recent controversy. During a face-off with Kendrick Lamar, Drake released a diss track, ‘Taylor Made Freestyle,’ that used artificial intelligence to mimic the voices of 2Pac and Snoop Dogg. The move didn’t sit well with many, and 2Pac’s estate even considered legal action. Drake ultimately removed the track to dodge further trouble.

Dupri has long been outspoken against using AI in music. At the Atlanta United Masters’ SelectCon conference, he voiced his concerns to Steve Stoute, using Drake’s controversial track as a prime example.

“If you’re going to use AI, you’ve got to use it in a smart way,” Dupri stated. “Because the people that are touching it at this point, they don’t understand some of the things that it can damage, right? If you look at the Drake song where he used Snoop and 2Pac’s voice. I don’t think people listen to that and understand how serious people take 2Pac… I think Snoop understood why he shouldn’t answer to it because it could have gotten really dangerous.”

Previously, Dupri also called out 23-year-old LA artist Sy The Rapper for employing AI to replicate Kendrick Lamar’s voice in a track aimed at Drake, labeling it similarly ‘dangerous.’

While some may see the use of AI in music as innovative, Dupri’s warnings highlight the potential pitfalls. Mixing technology with artistry can tread into murky ethical waters, especially when it involves the likeness of beloved artists like 2Pac and Snoop Dogg.

The debate over AI’s role in music isn’t going away anytime soon, and figures like Jermaine Dupri are making sure of it. As this technology evolves, so too will the conversation around its ethical use in creative fields.

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