Breaking into the music industry isn’t easy, especially when faced with unfair deals. Hit-Boy has spent over two decades in the Hip Hop scene, yet a predatory publishing contract he signed in his youth has haunted him throughout his career.

However, in a recent episode of The Shop, he revealed how JAY-Z and Roc Nation CEO Desiree Perez played a pivotal role in helping him escape this suffocating deal. It’s a story of struggle, resilience, and ultimate liberation.

Hit-Boy’s Early Struggles

Hit-Boy has been a significant figure in the Hip Hop scene for over twenty years, but his start was rocky due to a poor publishing deal he signed when he was young and inexperienced. This early decision has continued to impact him throughout his career.

During an appearance on The Shop, Hit-Boy discussed the agreement he made at 19, which tied him down for almost two decades. He revealed that it was JAY-Z and Roc Nation CEO Desiree Perez who helped him finally see an end to this restrictive contract.

The Unfair Contract

Hit-Boy described the contract as having ‘ancient terminology’ that made it difficult for him to earn money from his work. For years, he didn’t have a clear end date to his contract, making it hard to plan his career and finances.

“I’m actually still in my publishing situation,” he stated. “I signed when I was 19 years old and I’m 37, so I’ve been in the deal a long time with Universal Publishing. The way it was set up was just ancient terminology in the contracts.”

Thanks to the efforts of JAY-Z and Desiree Perez, Hit-Boy now has a clearer path forward. He expressed how life-changing it is to have freedom and the ability to pursue other deals and advances, something he couldn’t do before.

Financial Struggles

Despite his success, Hit-Boy faced severe financial struggles. He revealed that he went broke a few years after producing JAY-Z and Kanye West’s hit ‘N-ggas In Paris.’ This happened not because of frivolous spending but due to his desire to help his friends and collaborators.

On Akademiks’ Off the Record podcast, Hit-Boy shared how he blew through all his money by supporting those around him. “At 24, I had a big-ass label and artist deal with Jimmy Iovine. I get a deal, I get Ms, I go get a crib in Tarzana in the Valley. I move all the homies in, the homies start moving their homies in, their homies start moving their homies in, and it just got incredibly fucked up,” he explained.

Hitting Rock Bottom

The situation eventually spiraled out of control, leaving Hit-Boy completely broke. He found himself alone and without money despite living in a mansion in Beverly Hills.

“I turned up 2012, got dumb bread; by 2017, I was laying on my ground with zero dollars in my account after having millions, balled up in [the fetal position], crying. Nobody around me, by myself, and I was living in a mansion in Beverly Hills. I blew it,” he admitted.

Through this ordeal, Hit-Boy learned the hard way that helping everyone around him wasn’t sustainable. His experience serves as a cautionary tale about the pressures and pitfalls of sudden success.

The Role of JAY-Z

JAY-Z played a crucial role in helping Hit-Boy navigate these tough times. Not only did he assist in renegotiating Hit-Boy’s publishing deal, but he also provided guidance during his financial struggles.

“Thanks to [Roc Nation CEO] Desiree [Perez] and JAY-Z and people like that, they really got me to a place I’m in now, where I have an end date,” Hit-Boy stated. This intervention was pivotal in giving him the freedom to pursue new opportunities.

Having the backing of such influential figures in the industry not only helped Hit-Boy financially but also provided him with the support system he needed to rebuild his career.

Lessons Learned

Reflecting on his journey, Hit-Boy has gained valuable insights. He now understands the importance of having a solid support system and the dangers of tying oneself to unfair contracts.

His story is a powerful reminder of how crucial it is to have experienced people in one’s corner, especially in an industry as challenging as music. The support from JAY-Z and others has been life-changing for him.

Hit-Boy’s experience underscores the importance of financial literacy and being cautious with business decisions. These lessons are invaluable, especially for young artists just starting their careers.

Moving Forward

With the burdens of his past slowly lifting, Hit-Boy is looking forward to new opportunities. Free from the constraints of his old contract, he now has the freedom to explore new deals and advances in the music industry.

This newfound freedom is more than just financial; it’s also about creative liberty. Hit-Boy is excited to venture into new projects and collaborations.

His journey serves as an inspiration to many, showing that with the right support and determination, it’s possible to overcome even the toughest challenges. Hit-Boy’s story is a testament to resilience and the power of community.

Hit-Boy’s journey through financial struggle and career constraints has been tough, but it highlights the value of having the right people in your corner. With JAY-Z’s pivotal assistance, he’s looking forward to a future with both creative and financial freedom. It’s a testament to resilience, showing that even in the hardest times, there’s hope for a better tomorrow.

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