During a recent stop on the Hot Girl Summer tour, GloRilla delivered a jaw-dropping moment that fans won’t soon forget.

The Hot Girl Summer tour, featuring GloRilla and Megan Thee Stallion, has been making headlines from the moment it was announced. Initially, some questioned whether Megan could fill stadiums, but these doubts were quickly put to rest as over a dozen stadiums sold out before the tour even began.

During a recent show, GloRilla chose to end her performance in a particularly dramatic fashion. A video circulating online captures the scene: GloRilla, deeply engrossed in ‘playing’ a guitar on stage, suddenly pulls off her wig and tosses it aside. The crowd’s reaction was instant and explosive.

Comments on social media reflect the shock and amusement of fans. One popular Instagram comment reads, ‘Us being the new adults is so unserious bro 😂😂😂😂,’ while another agrees, ‘The new adults don’t take sh*t serious 😂😂😂.’

Adding to the tour’s buzz, last month saw Cardi B joining Meg and GloRilla on stage, thrilling fans with a team-up of female MCs. They announced the ‘Wanna Be’ remix featuring Cardi, which dropped over the weekend. Cardi didn’t hold back in her verse, taking direct shots at BIA and escalating an already brewing feud.

Other memorable moments from the tour include a surprise appearance by Cardi B, who took the stage with GloRilla and Megan to perform their ‘Wanna Be’ remix. The remix, which dropped over the weekend, showcases Cardi’s lyrical prowess as she takes shots at BIA, further fueling an ongoing feud between the two.

GloRilla’s wig-pulling moment adds yet another unforgettable highlight to the Hot Girl Summer tour, a series that’s already etched into the memories of fans across the country.

GloRilla’s dramatic wig-pulling finale during her guitar ‘performance’ has given fans yet another reason to talk about the Hot Girl Summer tour, ensuring this tour will be remembered for years to come.

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