Drake created quite a buzz after he mysteriously deleted all his Kendrick Lamar diss tracks from Instagram.

The Canadian superstar took down songs such as ‘Push Ups,’ ‘Family Matters,’ and ‘The Heart Part 6’ from his profile on June 5, sparking a torrent of reactions from fans. Adding to the intrigue, Drake posted a cryptic message along with photos of himself at his Toronto mansion, recently targeted by trespassers and even a drive-by shooting. ‘The only yes man around me is my Rolex dealer,’ he wrote, leaving followers speculating about its meaning.

Some speculate that this post could be a subtle response to Kendrick’s allegations of a mole within Drake’s OVO crew and accusations involving sex offenders. Fans were quick to criticize Drake’s actions, accusing him of hypocrisy, especially after he challenged Kendrick to ‘follow through’ in their feud. One user pointed out the irony by sharing lyrics from Drake’s ‘Taylor Made Freestyle,’ which he was previously forced to delete due to legal threats from 2Pac’s estate: ‘You tryna let this shit die down, nah, nah, nah/ Not this time, n-gga, you following through.’

Another fan reflected on the feud, reminiscing about a period when it seemed like Kendrick wasn’t going to respond. ‘Imo, Drake’s best time in this beef was that lil moment between Push Ups and Taylor Made; when everyone assumed Kdot wasn’t responding. I think once he realized Kendrick was ready to burn all bridges just to beat him it wasn’t fun anymore lmaoo the way his tone shifted was nuts lol,’ they said.

It seems Drake might be ready to move on from the beef following the backlash over ‘The Heart Part 6,’ a track criticized by fans and critics for its tone and content. On the song, Drake vehemently denied Kendrick’s allegations of pedophilia, rapping: ‘I never been with no one underage but now I understand why this the angle that you really mess with/ Just for clarity, I feel disgusted, I’m too respected/ If I was fucking young girls, I promise I’d have been arrested/ I’m way too famous for this shit you just suggested.’

Drake also took shots at Kendrick’s infamous ‘A minor’ taunt from ‘Not Like Us,’ saying: ‘You mentionin’ A minor, but n-ggas gotta B sharp and tell the fans, ‘Who was it?’/ You thought you left D flat, D major/ I’ll slit your throat with the razor.’ He further mentioned Kendrick’s fiancée, Whitney Alford, and actress Millie Bobby Brown, with whom he has been friends since she was a teen, clarifying: ‘Only fuckin’ with Whitneys, not Millie Bobby Browns/ I’d never look twice at no teenager.’

With Drake deleting his diss tracks and posting a cryptic message, fans are left wondering if this marks the end of his feud with Kendrick Lamar. For now, speculation continues as the hip-hop world watches closely.

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