Don Toliver has just amped up the anticipation for his fourth studio album, Hardstone Psycho, with an exciting new collaboration with Fortnite. The Houston rapper dropped a cinematic trailer for the event, revealing it will be an 8v8 turf war between two rival biker gangs, featuring music from his upcoming album.

Inspired by the biker gang theme of Hardstone Psycho, the event, called Hardstone, is set to launch on June 10, days before the album’s official release on June 14. The collaboration promises a fully custom map, immersive gameplay, and much more.

On Instagram, Toliver gave fans a sneak peek of what to expect from the event, which aligns perfectly with the vibe of his new album. Just last month, Toliver released his third single, ‘Attitude,’ featuring Cash Cobain and Charlie Wilson. This track stands out with its unique beat from Cobain and samples Snoop Dogg, Pharrell, and Wilson’s 2002 hit ‘Beautiful.’ The music video for ‘Attitude’ continues the biker theme seen in Toliver’s previous releases ‘Deep in the Water’ and ‘Bandit,’ even featuring a quick cameo from Travis Scott.

Hardstone Psycho is shaping up to be a significant milestone in Don Toliver’s career, which has already seen major events this year, including becoming a father in March. Toliver welcomed a baby boy with his girlfriend, singer Kali Uchis. The couple has been together since the summer of 2021.

Hardstone Psycho, along with its Fortnite collaboration, is sure to be a hit among fans and gamers alike. The album and the game event dropping within the same week adds an extra layer of excitement to Don Toliver’s already eventful year.

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