Doja Cat’s latest Instagram post had fans buzzing over the weekend, as she humorously complained about her “BBL being out of control” while sharing a series of new photos.

The post includes a collection of selfies and a few pictures highlighting her body. Doja Cat’s playful caption read, “My bbl is out of control I gotta put my cankle fat in my thighs now to even it out.”

Fans quickly jumped in on the fun in the comments. One exclaimed, “I worship your cankles you stand on. It’s my favorite part of you. 😍 It’s my screensaver.” Another reassured, “r u insane you have the best body I think she’s joking guys.”

Despite the light-hearted nature of her recent post, Doja Cat hasn’t always had a smooth ride on Instagram. Back in March, she announced she was deactivating her account due to the negativity she faced. “Hey I’m gonna deactivate because I’m not really feeling this anymore,” she captioned a picture at the time. “You guys take care of yourselves. I like coming here to find inspo and see people being creative but I just feel like this is getting to be too much. The way I’m spoken to on here and treated makes me have f***ed up thoughts. Please watch how you talk to and about people on the internet. Bye.” Clearly, she returned to the platform shortly after.

In other news, Doja Cat’s music continues to make waves. Her latest album, Scarlet, dropped last September, and she released a deluxe version of the project this past April.

Doja Cat’s comedic Instagram post brought a mix of laughter and adoration from fans, highlighting her ability to find humor in everyday life, despite the challenges she faces on social media.

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