BIA’s career has been on a steady rise since she signed with Pharrell’s label in 2014. Known for her high-profile collaborations with artists like Kali Uchis and J Balvin, BIA made waves with the remix of her 2021 single “Whole Lotta Money,” featuring Nicki Minaj, which peaked at number 16 on the Billboard Hot 100. Now, fans are buzzing over a potential collaboration with JID.

BIA posted a video on May 28, showing her on the set of a music video with a green screen. As she chatted with makeup artists about a particular shot, JID made an entrance, visibly impressed by what he saw, calling it “fire.” The video culminates with BIA giving JID a hug before she resumes her position. This brief interaction has fans speculating that JID might be featured in her upcoming single “Lights Out,” set to release on June 7. Notably, JID is even listed on the song’s Genius page.

BIA’s recent social media activity has focused on her music, especially after an April controversy where she was accused of lying about her lineage. She addressed the accusations directly on Twitter, clarifying her background and defending herself against claims that she wasn’t Black. “U still don’t know the difference between race and ethnicity,” she tweeted. “B*tch pick up a book. It’s called Afro Latina stupid.” She further confronted those doubting her heritage, emphasizing the complex blend of her Puerto Rican roots.

Meanwhile, JID is riding high on critical acclaim. His latest album, “The Forever Story,” is celebrated as one of the best releases of 2023. He’s also hinted at a collaborative project with Metro Boomin and expressed interest in filmmaking. “Like I can recall a lot of situations that meant a lot to me and were pivotal in my journey,” he shared. “I’ll do that. And I’ll probably put it in the form of a movie, too. I’m big into directing and all of that stuff… I want to make sure I tap into that before my time is.”

As excitement builds, only time will tell if BIA’s fans are right about JID’s involvement in her new track. Either way, BIA’s momentum shows no signs of slowing down, and JID’s continuous rise in the industry promises more impressive projects ahead.

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