Since you are here reading this article, it’s safe to assume that you may be someone who is looking forward to attempting the Microsoft 98-349 exam or someone curious about Microsoft certifications. But if you’re here on the rare case getting there by a random click, let’s start with a small brief overview of what Microsoft is and its certifications.

We all know or have heard of, the Microsoft organization due to its line of high-end Windows Operating Systems, which you may be using right now, or due to its Office Suite packages, Microsoft Azure, or Skype. But did you know that it offers the opportunity for you to become experts in all things related to their products and IT? This article will give an insight on one such certification and the exam required to earn it.

Microsoft Certifications Overview

Currently, Microsoft certifications fall into fundamentals, associate, and expert. Though some previously issued credentials are still valid and include MTA, MCSA, MCSE, and MCSD credentials. The higher-level certification you get – the more advanced skills you possess. Still, if you are just thinking of launching your career in IT, then MTA certification is for you and if you know that are going to deal with Windows 10 environment, then Exam-Labs 98-349 is what you have to pass.

About MTA certification and 98-349 exam

Exam 98-349 or Windows Operating System Fundamentals is one of the assessments you can find under the list of all MTA (Microsoft Technology Associate) exams offered by Microsoft. It verifies your knowledge and skills in Windows Operating System fundamentals, hence it is useful for people in any rank be it home PC users, academic, information workers, IT professionals, developers, etc.

Microsoft 98-349 Exam details

Microsoft Exam-Labs 98-349 is the exam you are required to pass to check if you are proficient in Windows Operating System Fundamentals. To be more precise, you should possess knowledge of operating system configurations and how to manage this OS. You should be able to deal with client systems and complete tasks that refer to working with applications, files, folders, and devices.

Microsoft has not clearly defined the exam basics for every exam they offer but in general, MTA exams consist of 55 questions to be answered within 50 minutes. Some of the types of questions you can expect at the exam are; case studies, multiple-choice, hot area, best answer, build list to mention a few. To tackle all types of exam questions within the allocated time for the test, figure them out beforehand. Practicing with actual exam dumps equips you with skills that will help you at the exam. Check Exam-Labs website, since this online platform is considered to be the most reliable one among candidates that offers the most valid and updated prep material for your certification exam and Exam-Labs 98-349 test is not an exception.

Why take the Microsoft 98-349 exam?

There are many benefits you can gain by acing this exam so, let’s see some of the major benefits;

Skills Validation

Passing the Microsoft 98-349 exam means you earn the MTA credential in the IT Infrastructure track. This certification is issued by the globally recognized IT vendor which is for sure an essential mark on your CV list, as it validates your skills Tough this badge is not a prerequisite for MCSA and MCSE credentials, it verifies that you have fundamental skills to work with Windows Operating System and builds a sustainable basis for getting the credentials of higher levels.


When you go to an interview for any job in IT, you are highly likely to find many individuals having the same basic qualifications. So interviewers will look for someone who has better qualifications than the rest candidates. Having an MTA certification helps you catch the eye of the interviewers, thus increasing your chances of landing the desired job.

Job security

Job security is more or less like a fantasy in the field of IT. Why so? It is because IT is a very dynamic field where new technologies, as well as novel features, emerge. If you want to keep pace with it, you need to get the MTA credential and update your skills. Employers always look for ways to increase the productivity and efficiency in their organization, hence they will look forward to the most competent employees. And if you can be that person, you can assure job security because, with your experience and updated skills, you will become an important asset to the organization.


Gaining new skills makes you competent to take on a role that requires more qualifications than your current role. Having a certification from Microsoft makes you a candidate number one in your company to be promoted, since you are the most efficient employee with the most relevant skills.

Career Growth

By gaining knowledge in Windows Operating System fundamentals and getting the MTA certification, you’ll understand that you are a purposeful and diligent person, able to set the goals and achieve them. This benefit refers mostly to your personality. Still, it also means that you can get a credential of the basic level and move forwards, advancing your skills, as Microsoft has designed a wide certification track where you can choose your own track. Thus, there’s always a place for you to follow within Microsoft Certification Program and grow as an IT professional accordingly.


Getting certified from a renowned organization like Microsoft is the best way to kick start your career in IT. It brings you a lot of benefits like skills validation, recognition, promotions, and more. Learn the concepts, practice hard, and ace your 98-349 exam to earn yourself an MTA certification and excel in your career. To ace the test practice exam dumps from the most reliable online platform like Exam-Labs, set the goals and achieve them. Wish you success!

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