Before we go into the guide and tips on improving your odds of winning more while playing online slots, you first need to understand how slots work. You need to know that slots are 100% games of chance. No amount of knowledge or skill will change the spin’s outcome more than what the slot determines. All slots use a Random Number Generator (RNG). The RNG ensures that every spin in the game is random and totally independent from the previous one. So, all you can do is choose your games wisely, plan your bankroll, and hope that lady luck will be on your side as you play the games. Here are some things you need to consider when playing slots that, regardless of luck, will give you a better chance to end up in profit.

Use Bonus Promotions

Bonus promotions are a godsend when it comes to playing online slots. It would help if you always claimed a bonus when playing at an online casino, doubling or even tripling your starting balance. How can this affect the outcome of the session? Well, for starters, you can play higher bets on the slots. The bigger the bets are, the bigger the eventual payouts will be. A 100x the stake win on a $0.50 bet is only $50, but on a $5 bet, it’s $500.

Another advantage to playing with bonus funds is that you can try more games. There’s no guarantee that the first game you play will be hot and you’ll manage to increase your bankroll immediately. With bonus funds, you can spread your balance over a few slots and eventually, one of them will pay. For example, with a $100 pure deposit, you can try 100 spins on two slots on $0.50 bets. But with a 100% bonus, you can now try four slots for 100 spins on $0.50 bets. You have a better chance to hit a good bonus round by trying four different slots rather than 2.

Try to find high RTP slots.

Many players will advise you to play only high RTP slots. In theory, this can be helpful, as slots with a Return to Player value will pay back more in the form of winnings. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be the case. The RTP value is calculated over millions of spins. So a slot with a high RTP value can just as easily eat away your balance as one with a low RTP value. Don’t get us wrong; it’s solid advice, but not one you should strictly follow.

High Volatility VS Low Volatility slots

The volatility of a game is a more crucial factor to consider than the RTP. The reason for this is simply the fact that the volatility is consistent throughout the game. Slots with low volatility will payout smaller wins, but they will be frequent, usually coming to every 3-4 spins. In these games, you should play with higher bets, so you can gradually increase your balance. A piece of sound advice is to try a low volatility slot for 100 spins and see where your balance is. If you’re in profit, move on to another slot. If you’re down a bit, try another 100 spins. If you profit on 10 of these slots, it can add up to a decent withdrawal.

High volatility slots, however, will rarely payouts, but the payouts are much bigger. Many high volatility slots have a maximum payout potential of 5, 10x the stake, or even more. Payouts of 1,000x the stake in the bonus round on these games are pretty common. For these slots, you should plan your bankroll accordingly. Many of them will need many spins before that good bonus round lands. Experienced gamblers will tell you that high-volatility slots are played with big bankrolls, enough to cover 500 spins or even more. There’s still no guarantee that a big win will land, but the odds are much better with each passing spin.

Bankroll Management

Before you start playing the games, you need to plan your bankroll and develop a strategy. Most importantly, it would be best if you stuck to that strategy. For example, if you say you’re going to play five games with 100 spins each, do that. Don’t go chasing the bonus round if you don’t land it in those 100 spins. You can easily end up chasing it for another 100 spins and still not get it.

In most cases, when games are hot, the bonus round comes in the first 100 spins. You can easily lose a lot of money fast if you keep chasing a bonus, which eventually may never come. Instead, diversify your bankroll among several slots, increasing your chances of hitting a bonus round and make a profit.

Play popular Slots.

Popular slots are popular for a reason. Players try their luck on them because they have great bonus rounds and can pay big. When you’re having trouble finding a list of games, all you need to do is watch a streamer, and you will easily see which are the most popular games. In most cases, the games they play can pay big in the bonus round, so you can easily give them a try.

Bonus Buys on Slots are not always great.

A vast number of slots today come with the bonus buy feature. In theory, the concept is great. Instead of spending 100 spins playing the game and maybe not hitting a bonus round, you can instantly buy the feature for a price of 100x the stake. Truth be told, this is not a lot to spend on a game to trigger a bonus round, especially on the high volatility ones with a big maximum payout potential, where you can win thousands of dollars in the bonus.

But how does this work in real life?

Well, if you watch live streams of gambling sessions with bonus buys only, you can see that buying the feature, in most cases, doesn’t really payout. You can spend $100 to buy the feature and only win $20 in return. There’s no guarantee that the next bonus buy will pay and cover your losses. There’s no guarantee that the 10th bonus buy will bring you a profit. You can end up losing a lot of money in a very short time with the bonus buys.

So, this is why it’s better to play the game and spin the bonus in. If it doesn’t pay, go to the next one. You can often land the bonus in less than 100 spins. Even if it pays only 20x the stake, you will still lose less than buying it for a price of 100x the stake.

Trust your gut

Have you ever heard a gambler say I had a feeling that game would pay, and it did? Sometimes you just must go with your gut and hope for the best. You can choose a slot solely on the name or by the theme, and it can pay big. If luck is on your side, you can easily end up picking one winner after the other and end up with a hefty withdrawal.

Sometimes at casinos, you can end up on a hot streak where every slot is shelling out bonus rounds and paying big. Other times you can try ten slots in a row and not get one decent win.

Never chase your losses.

The biggest problem with gambling comes when you start chasing your losses, hoping to win back the money you’ve lost. This is a sure way to end up in even bigger problems, accumulating even more significant losses.

If you’re not having any luck on the slots, the best thing you can do is take a break. Sometimes it’s just the way it is. No matter how much money you put in, how many bonuses you take, or how many slots you try, you always end up with a big fat 0 on your balance. You need to face that it’s just not your day, week, or month and stop playing.

After a while, your luck will change, and you’ll start winning again on the slots. You can also try new casinos or games from another provider and hope your luck changes.

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Whether you go to Las Vegas to hear music and gamble or just play online, remember gambling can be addictive.

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