We see the rise of new artists every year. We get to see young and old people entering the music world in grand styles, motives, etc. 2022 will be of no difference as we will see individuals or groups of individuals enter the music industry with the main aim of making their voice heard. Individuals taking music lessons and those whose passion is attached to the music world would always have dreamt of a world where they can compose, record, and release their songs. However, talent and inspiration alone won’t be enough in writing great songs, these three important principles are very paramount to your success. It is important to conduct research first before writing your songs specially if you are a newbie. You will need the necessary knowledge and guide to produce great music. Playlister.club has the perfect beginners guide to songwriting.

Conceive the Idea

In writing any music, you need to come up with an idea of what you want to do. You can’t just say you feel like singing and you just jump at it. You need to have some sort of idea about what you will be singing about, why you’re singing, who are your potential listeners, etc. How you start writing your song is really up to you but if you desire a sleek and seamless track, you need a strong idea that will allow you to know where to start from, how to go about it, and how you will cross all your t’s and dot all your i’s.

Create the lyrics and the melody

Knowing the one to start with out of these two depends on you. Some artists begin their new musical journey with the conception of their lyrics while some artists like the popular John Legend prefer to get their melody and tune Flowing first before they start writing their lyrics. It all depends on you. However, most beginners find it easy to start with the lyrics, especially with a lyrical hook that will enchant the listeners and hook them down in giving your music identity. Some writers/artists even start with the chorus and make it melodious and rhythmic such that you give your listeners a hot bit to remember whenever they are humming the song or trying to remember it.

Hold on to Simplicity and Clarity

A complex and complicated song won’t take a hit. Nobody wants to struggle while memorizing any song. If you want your music to achieve your desired aim, you need to make it simple. Let your lyrics be clear, let the tune and melody be smooth enough to ensure an easy flow. It’s not a must you add complex tracks or instrumentation effects to your song just because you want to be different. You might go on to regret it. Just try as much as possible to focus on your preplanned structure, instruments, and theme first. Before you start, take some time to visit a music network like Show4me where you get to listen to songs from Pros and get professional advice and other related supports from the Show4me league of experts.


The process of starting a new project is always considered a major hurdle. Once you get your flow right, you just try to get better. The same goes for music. You need to take your time in creating your first song. A wonderful output will give you the confidence to go onto the next and it will also give your listeners the thirst for more. Show4me is a music network or platform where you can kick off your music career. With Show4me, you can live stream events, connect with your fans, sell tickets and merch, upload your songs, get crowdfunded, etc.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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