It’s no secret that Spotify is the most popular streaming platform, and rightfully so. The platform arguably has the easiest dashboards to use, a broad consumer base, and everything you could want music-wise. Whether you’re a band or playlist creator, Spotify followers are an essential makeup of the entire platform.

There are plenty of things you should be mindful of for gaining followers on Spotify. As Spotify is such a comprehensive platform, there is a lot attached to it that not everyone knows about. It’s not just about releasing good music or making good playlists, and there’s a lot to be said about the matter.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at a few valuable tips on how to grow your audience on Spotify. Remember, these examples aren’t the only way to gain followers on the platform, but they certainly will work well. Just attempt to try them all out and watch as your numbers begin to increase.

Create Playlists

Playlists are a significant part of Spotify, and it makes sense why. After all, not everyone wants to stroll around for the same old record and rather find a playlist filled with new songs to check out. Even if it’s a playlist that’s filled with songs people already know, it’s still a worthwhile experience for so many users.

There are a couple schools of thought to making a playlist. First, you might fall under the category of a Spotify profile that just wants to gain a following from the playlists themselves. If this happens, you’ll need to make a solid listing of playlists for people to check out.

Aside from growing a following from playlists, there is another point of actually growing your artist page. No matter what style of music your act is, it’s incredibly beneficial to make a playlist pertaining to your act. Another good example is to make a playlist that’s filled with your musical act’s influences.

Submit Music to Playlists

Piggybacking off the notion that playlists are incredibly essential for growing a Spotify page, another point involves actually submitting your music to playlists. Obviously, this is only ideal for your page if you’re an artist already. If you’re someone who hopes to grow your followers for your playlists, it won’t make much sense to submit to playlists.

It’s always ideal to reach out to other playlist makers for a collaboration. At the very least, they might be willing to offer you advice on the matter and discuss what you’re doing. You never know what someone can add to your profile or what you’re hoping to accomplish without asking.

Back to the point of submitting music, there are plenty of options for artists to submit their music to Spotify playlists. There are plenty of Spotify curated playlists that allow users to submit music directly to them. There are user-made playlists where you can attempt to submit music to their playlists as well. Either option works, but they’re both worth noting.

Have a Great Profile Picture

As great as it is to submit music to Spotify playlists and do everything you should do for growing your following, there are other points to be mindful of. First and foremost, having a great profile photo can go a long way. Many people neglect the page’s actual look, and the profile picture is the most fundamental part.

Obviously, an artist or playlist page shouldn’t have a LinkedIn-level photo on it. There’s an excellent cross between artsy and originality, while not straying too far away from what’s presented on the Spotify page. A good rule is to analyze similar artists and pages that are doing well.

Looking at what others are doing can help a Spotify page immensely, especially when that page is doing well. Although many don’t believe in this, it’s also a worthwhile experience to look at a page that isn’t doing well. Seeing why an artist or playlist creator doesn’t have a lot of followers can be highly beneficial.

Have an Excellent Bio

As excellent as it is to have a great profile picture, there is another point to make with a Spotify page bio. Whether it’s an artist page or playlist creator, the bio is equally essential for getting people to understand what the page is about. Many people would be surprised at how essential a bio is.

As for what the bio would say, that is a challenging effort. On one point, the bio should be what the page is about, as dry or humorous as that can be. On another thought, it’s also a good idea to have a bio that’s more surreal and not as detailed, promoting an interest by just sounding compelling.

Obviously, the bio can be whatever an artist or playlist creator wants it to be. Still, it’s vital to know that a bio should be taken more seriously than most people realize. The final point to understand is that less is more. No one wants to read an essay bio, especially from someone that is trying to gain followers.

Submit to Music Blogs

An excellent feature of Spotify is how connected it is to the online world. As great as it is to enjoy music in a physical capacity, the digital medium allows for a deeper connection online. Spotify profiles and pages can easily be copied and pasted on websites, causing many to discuss what a specific page or profile is discussing.

No matter if a page is an artist page or just a playlist creator, all of it is useful for blogs to write about. The good news is there are plenty of blogs at varying popularity levels. The various popularity levels mean an artist page or playlist page can find a blog that’ll fit their popularity level.

In return, that music blog’s audience will see that specific Spotify page and check it out. Although a good chunk of that audience will pass over it, the few who end up following the page make the entire process worth it. It’s a win-win no matter how few people actually follow the page.

Share Your Spotify

Besides actually submitting to music blogs, there is the entire notion of simply sharing the Spotify page itself. This can be as elementary as tweeting out the page to sending it to friends via messenger. As touched upon earlier, a great point of having Spotify is the connectivity attached to it.

Keep in mind, there is an instrumental part of knowing when the process becomes too much. Oversharing can hinder a page more than actually benefitting it. Obviously, not sharing at all is entirely useless, but finding a happy medium to sharing too much and not sharing enough should work out perfectly.

Create a Mailing List

As arcane as having a mailing list might sound, it’s actually much more beneficial than most people realize. Just about every human that goes on the internet has an email to some degree. At the very least, everyone that’s on Spotify has an email since you can’t make an account without one.

As a result, having a mailing list can keep people updated with what a page has posted and any news involved in the matter. Even if it’s just a link to everything associated with the page and nothing else, it can still very much benefit the page. Plus, a lot of people look at their email and enjoy mailing lists.

Utilize Social Media

Aside from the general assertion of sharing the Spotify page, there is also the point of utilizing social media. Social media is as popular as it is for a multitude of reasons. Seeing as just about every person is on at least one social media platform, everyone trying to grow their Spotify page should turn to social media for promotional purposes.

Most people would be surprised at how beneficial and essential this can be for growing a page. Most of the time, people get scared about sharing any effort they’re trying to achieve. It’s always best to not care what others think and to share away.

Collab With Others

Going back to the idea of submitting your page to a blog, there is a broader point to make with collaborating with anyone. Obviously, not every page or person on Spotify will be suitable for what you’re trying to do. Still, there are plenty of influencers and artists that’ll gladly work with the page along the process.

The great benefit of going through with a collaboration is how it benefits all of the parties involved. Seeing as either group has a following to a certain degree, that following will most likely check out the other group just because they’re doing something with the group they’re already following.

Create a Blog

The last point to make with gaining Spotify followers involves the idea of creating a website or blog for that Spotify page. This doesn’t mean the entire website or blog has to be dedicated to that Spotify page.

All it means is to develop a blogging idea related to the Spotify page to plug the page. If done correctly, the blog can become a central hub for topics related to the page, causing many to show interest in that niche.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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