Music has played a special role in the progression of man. The status accorded to music is that it helps us to transcend directly to the divinity even without performing religious rituals.

Every serious music artist needs discipline, sharpness, multitasking, peace, calmness and intellect. They need expressions and need to understand depth of every role they will perform in front of the camera. The actor will not just wear his costume but will also wear his role with the costume.

Why people choose to learn piano?

Music acts as an enrichment seed in our life. The pianists who come together to share thoughts and information at discussions in a Piano Forum or likewise platforms agree that learning piano benefits us mentally and compliments our physical health. What’s even better is that science has time and again proven that Piano magnifies our competency while contributing to our health.

According to Wendell from Piano Nadu, “Playing a digital piano is challenging and extremely rewarding at the same time. Music changes the way people think”

All the brain cells and area of the brain are activated simultaneously when you play a piano. Music is incredibly powerful and versatile in nature and Piano highlights this all the more.


Learning piano enhances the mental and physical benefits and it applies to all ages. It, has many cognitive benefits which are supported by several groundbreaking studies and research.

1. It Relieves Stress

Piano is a soul soother and a stress buster. The few minutes you play the piano will lower the blood pressure and instantly induce positivity in your aura. Not only playing a piano but even listening part of piano recitals or playing in front of a few people can completely cure stage fright. According to WebMd, playing any sort of tunes can fight the ill effects of chronic stress.

2. Enhances Split Concentration

Piano is played by both hands and both the hands perform different tasks, pressing different keys and musical structures. It might seem very difficult at first. This gives rise for your brain cells to develop split concentration. Your hand-eye co-ordination will improve at a breathtaking speed. You will become sharper.

5. It stimulates the growth hormones

The growth of hormones help in maintain a person’s energy levels and prevent medical discomforts like body ache and pain in the old age. Students who took keyboard lessons had stretched levels in the growth of hormones. (Source: National Institutes of Health)

7. Playing the piano sharpens your concentration

When you’re playing the piano, you have to focus on the rhythm, pitch, tempo, note duration, and several other things. Even though you are doing something you actually enjoy, this is really a multi-level concentration exercise.

10. Playing piano improves your time management skills

Busy schedules are a painful part of all our lives. Organization has become a very important element in getting daily tasks done. When you get used to practicing regularly, you also learn how to use your time efficiently and how you can use a 20-minute time slot for a quick piano lesson.

Every artist needs all of this skill in order to involve every person viewing his film or play. Emotions need to be expressed, discipline needs to be maintained and time needs to be managed.

Why is Piano important in the music industry?

The playing of Piano is a lot more than the mechanical work of pressing the keys and hitting the strings. Right from the 1920s, the piano has dominated the western world. Britain and US have been named as the Piano-producing nations. Every silent film needs the piano. It is a boost to a film with dialogues too.

Piano is an adaptable instrument and has been a friend to everyone in the music industry. It has also been observed that the industry will kill for musicians who can play Piano. It is an important part for story telling in a song as well as film.

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