In today’s world, the aspect of privacy seems to be a big issue. Unlike in the past when it was not easy to know things concerning people, information spreads so fast nowadays.

With the coming of the internet and how wide it has spread, you can’t be so wrong to say that the world has become so small. Information is shared all over the internet, with social media being at the forefront of promoting this.

Despite the fact that Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram are great avenues of social interaction and have become part of our lives, one can easily get into trouble if they’re not careful what they share on social media.

The moment something major happens somewhere, it doesn’t take a single day to get everyone talking about it. The worst thing about this is that you may not have any control over this information at all.

And people don’t care anyway about what others feel when their name is tarnished until it’s their turn to be roasted. Far from social media, when seeking certain services, we give out our personal details as requested and move on, confident that our private information is safe.

But how safe are we? Do we even know who handles this kind of information? Here is why privacy is valued more now than it ever was.

Reputation protection

Of all things, reputation is paramount to us, whether you’re in business, you’re an employee in a particular organization. How others view you can have an impact on your life, especially as much as success and failure are concerned.

Your image can also in a big way, affect the opportunities you get in this life. While it is good to mingle and interact with as many people as possible, some private information can end up tarnishing your name when it gets out there to the public.

But the thing is, people will always judge you, whether you do the right thing or not. This should not be an excuse to be careless in life, but people will always have something to say about you, and more often than not, they judge wrongly.

Keeping your life private can be a good way of protecting your reputation, and in the wake of advanced technology, social media, and all the rest, many people value their privacy now more than ever as a result of the dire need to protect their image and reputation.

It can affect decisions made about you

Your personal information is, now more than ever, a critical determinant in many decisions that can be made about you in various places.

For instance, your personal information, conduct or history is often used by authorities in various private and public institutions to determine things such as whether you qualify for a loan, whether you meet the criteria to be given a license or whether you’re clear to be allowed to fly to another country.

There are so many aspects of life that require sharing personal information and if your negative details are out there in the public through social media or any other channels, you can lose out a great deal. As a matter of fact, you can even end up losing your individuality, freedom, and self-control as a person.


The more people know about you, the more the power they will have over you. And when someone has power over you, it means that your freedom could be limited.

This is another huge reason why people value privacy, especially considering how with technology, it has become easy to spy on someone and intrude their privacy. A typical example is, for instance, a neighbor who overhears you arguing or bickering with your spouse could use that against you someday.

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Many people have trust issues, perhaps because they trusted someone before, who turned out to fail them big time. Most relationships, whether personal or professional, thrive or fail because of trust.

In most cases, a breach in personal privacy or confidentiality at large, leads to a breach of trust. This is what causes many professional, social, and personal relationships to break, sometimes for good.

Something as simple as snooping into your spouse’s phone messages could lead them to think that you don’t trust them if they found out, which could or couldn’t be further from the truth. In most cases, though, trust is earned and builds up slowly from the interactions and engagements we have with people.

The same is also true when it comes to how trust is broken. These are some of the reasons why many people want to maintain their privacy until they know for sure that they’re dealing with someone they can trust.

Scams and theft

Identity theft, credit card scams, and kidnapping are not new to us in the wake of tech advancements. However, you find that most of these things take place as a result of the victim’s negligence in keeping their private information secure.

These things are on the rise and the only way you can ensure you and your money or assets stay safe is to keep your private information absolutely secure.

Change of behavior

At some point in your life, you might have made a mistake that you needed to rectify. Everyone deserves a chance to make themselves a better version of what they currently are.

When your personal information (especially the wrong kind) is out there, changing might prove to be a bit challenging.

You’ll keep being reminded of how awful you were and this takes you a few steps behind and limits your chance of improvement. Keeping your personal information secure can help you change your behavior.

The bottom line is, human beings value their privacy and it is paramount that everybody enjoys their privacy. We all have lives of our own, and this doesn’t need to be controlled by outside forces. Even as the internet is part of our lives now, people should be careful whom they share their personal information with and know their limits when it comes to sharing their private details.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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