Games have been using songs for decades. Whether it was Super Mario Bros and the Super Nintendo or Grand Theft Auto 1 & 2 on the early PlayStation consoles, the soundtracks have always been important. And, they continue to have a considerable impact on game developers and gamers to this day, which shows the tactic’s effectiveness.

Still, it’s not always easy to recognize why music and gaming go hand-in-hand. Yes, music is a tool that can set the tone of the story for users, allowing for a more immersive experience. But is that the only reason every title from the latest console release to casino game incorporates songs?

Standout Performances

Standing out from the crowd in both industries is tough due to market saturation. Technology has made it easier than ever to create a video game or cut a track, but it also means there is more competition for fans. As a result, making money isn’t guaranteed like it was in the late 80s and early 90s. Products and services must add value.

Working together means that the music and video game sectors will benefit from the increased awareness. For example, casinos used to book bands and artists to play on the floor to enhance the user experience. The likes of Elton John are regulars in Las Vegas to this day. Online platforms have adopted the strategy, too, with several traditional games benefiting from a modern twist.

As reports, this has led to new online casinos making their way onto the scene and handing out massive sign-up bonuses to get casino players’ attention. Of course, it works both ways for the composers and artists who are not only better paid as a result of the partnership, but also more relevant. Perhaps new online casinos will continue to make the most of this trend.

Music to the Ears

The importance of money for either industry shouldn’t be understated. According to, the video game sector generated $137.9bn in revenue in 2018 alone, which is music to the market’s ears. However, it’s not only the developers that are rubbing their hands together with glee.Some musicians are making more money off the back of video game partnerships than they have from their albums. And it’s not small bands or artists with one-hit wonders. For instance, Aerosmith is a world-famous group with a huge discography. Still, says the rock quintet made the majority of their fortune from Guitar Hero: Aerosmith.

The one game alone netted them a massive $25 million in the title’s first week of sales. In comparison, “Honkin’ on Bobo” sold 160,000 copies and grossed around $2 million in the same timeframe.

Oldies but Goodies

A factor that often goes under the radar is the support of gamers for soundtracks. It’s well-documented that movies such as “Pulp Fiction” are renowned for the tracks they use as much as they are the storyline.

Gaming doesn’t get the same amount of credit for its impact. However, the facts don’t lie. Apart from the popularity of music-based games, has a list of releases that transcended culture that has been edited down to ten selections. Spotify now offers game soundtracks on its streaming platform, and Steve Aoki has composed for Beat Fever.

Fans of music and video games clearly want to sample both genres, and the connection between the industries is giving them what they want.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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