How do people plan a tour? They pay the highest level of attention to selecting the destination. By using image finder, blogs, recommendation and opinions of others. Ending up at a place you don’t like is quite miserable. People choose places according to both personality and profession. A calm minded person would not choose Las Vegas because it is a place for vibrant gambling lovers. Similarly, in terms of professional career, an artist would love interactive and creative places. There are various locations in the world that these creative experts would fall in love with.
If you are an artist, these tourist spots should not be missed at all.

1. Louvre Museum Paris

The city of Paris is definitely one of the most beautiful destinations on the face of this planet. Apart from the Eiffel Tower, numerous tourist spots would give catch your attention. The Louvre Museum has the oldest and most precious artistic existences. Hence, if related to this field and pay a visit to Paris, make sure that you pay a visit. The most well-known paintings of Da Vinci have been retained by this museum and some of them are a treat to the eyes. Several pieces of artwork have been blended together to make each one of them. The outside view is quite fascinating as well. The museum is made in the shape of a pyramid which definitely triggers the creative thinking sense in artists.

2. Goreme Open Air Museum, Turkey

This is one of the few open air museums on a global scale. The appearance it has can be counted as the main essence. There are several mountains with cut sections in between. These are different floors which have ancient existences. These tall peaks are covered with green shrubs which make them look heavenly. This museum has several existences related to Turkish and Persian culture. Artists can find countless masterpieces when they visit this amazing spot. In Turkey tour guide has legislation stipulates that tour guides must successfully finish a lengthy training programme and get a licence from the government.

3. Metropolitan Museum in New York

If you are living in New York or planning a visit, make sure that you visit the Metropolitan Museum to see the finest art pieces. One of the sights which would simply freeze your feet is the Dendur Temple. A lot of artists and sculpturing professionals extract ideas by having a look at its structure. Numerous reputed painters have created master pieces after having a look at this structure. Although the appearance is quite simple but still an awe inspiring impact is made on viewers.

4. Cadillac Ranch – Amarillo, Texas

This is one of the most unique artworks that one can find. It comprises of a series of cars that have been buried half inside the sand. All of them have been painted as symbols of graffiti. Artists who are interested in creating similar paintings or wall architectures get a lot of ideas from this creation. Seeing the ranch live is a unique incomparable feeling.

5. Eiffel Tower Paris

Paris is termed as the most romantic place on earth and it is pure love for artists. The Eiffel tower can be termed as the golden eye of Paris. For any artist, it is a hub of countless creative ideas. Some of the most famous painters have crafted this masterpiece on their canvases. However, the experience of have a glance in real time is a lifetime experience. The surrounding of this beautiful structure is an impactful factor as well. It has lush green trees. It is hard to find someone who would not visit this place while being in Paris.


The Roman history has always had a strong impact on art. A lot of artists have painted wars, army reunions and battle grounds belonging to this culture. One of the most impressive related sights is the Colosseum in Rome. It is the actual leftover of battle grounds and gladiator competitions.

Summing it Up

The success of a tour depends on how well you have planned it. Every destination does not work well for artists because they seek a certain essence. They tour places to beef up their set of creative ideas. Most of them visit artistic museums that have the finest ancient creations. By looking at them, they extract the creative techniques used which are further used to make masterpieces.

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