Pursuing a degree is certainly the most important thing that you need to focus on now. To graduate from a university will be your top priority for about the next four years. However, studying is definitely not going to be the only thing you would experience as a student. Among the different activities that a student life might provide you, traveling is probably the most exciting and valuable. It is only a matter of good time management, planning, and discipline. You can either study full-time or take online courses no matter where you are. Anyway, it is really possible to combine your education with traveling and succeed with both. You might ask yourself, “How am I going to keep up with all the assignments and tests?” In this case, the better question would be, “Who can do my college homework instead of me while I am busy traveling?” And the answer is simple – online essay writing services. Anytime you fall behind with your papers, professional writers will help you improve your grades and overall performance at a reasonable price.

If you are open to opportunities to explore the world while studying, you should consider all the possible and affordable ways of traveling. Let the price not hold you back from trips since there are lots of tricks and life hacks on how to minimize your expenses and spend little. Who seeks shall find.

1.      Study abroad. Probably the most logical way to travel is to study in some foreign country. The best and the cheapest option could be to apply for an exchange program, which has scholarships provided, through your university. Thus, you will experience life in another country and continue studying without any breaks. You will meet new interesting people and have wider perspectives in life. Just imagine how memorable this time would be.

2.      Volunteering. There are also lots of programs abroad where you can assist some NGOs with their social projects and contribute to society. The programs can be 1-2 months long or take the whole year. You can manage volunteering and online education, but take into account all the difficulties you might have in this case. Moreover, volunteering is a great way of traveling since you can get paid some money for your work and provided with accommodation and dinners.  Sounds good, doesn’t it?

3.      Work abroad. Anyway, most students work while studying, so why do not you get yourself a job, which requires traveling once in a while. It can be a part-time job or a full-time one during the summer holidays. Having a job would make you feel independent and responsible. Not only you get valuable work experience to mention in your CV, but you will also have money for your trips and other things.

4.      Remote work. Definitely, to work abroad in order to see the world might not be an option for everyone. Yet, a student still needs to have some money to pay for their trips, even if they travel in their free from studying time. Hence, one should think of finding some remote job with flexible working hours so that they can earn for trips or travel while working online.

5.      Teach a foreign language. One of the most popular positions which require traveling is a language teacher. For example, if you already have a Bachelor’s degree, you might get a TEFL certificate and teach English to kids in China. It is a great chance to experience another country and earn good money. Another option could be to work as an au pair, also with kids. The money here is little, but you will have your room and food provided. All you need to do is to take care of kids and do little housework. Both these options will allow you to travel, work, and study, of course, providing you manage well with your time and tasks.

6.      Educational trips. While pursuing your degree you might need not only to write some papers and essays but also to present your findings at conferences. You may ask your advisors and teachers what exactly one needs to do. Join college societies and travel around the world since such trips might be sponsored. If it is a part of academic life, why not try it.

No matter what you choose – to study/work abroad or simply save up some money and travel in your free time – it is always a good idea to prepare for those trips in advance and use some tricks to minimize your expenses:

  • Travel in winter. People usually do not like traveling in winter; hence the prices in this season are much lower. Airlines and hotels give huge discounts as it is the only way to attract visitors. If you want to save up on accommodation, you may ask your friends’ friends if they happen to know someone who could host you, or try using CouchSurfing. Surely, winter is not that comfortable to travel, and if it is not your option, stay home in winter, put aside some money and travel in summer, when you will have more free time.
  • Do not travel alone. Go with your friend or organize a group trip. You will spend less on accommodation and food, and you will have more fun.
  • Check all the discounts for students at cafes, museums, galleries, and other places of interest so that you will never overpay.
  • Check all the travel options in order to find the most optimal ones. For instance, it might be cheaper to rent a bike for a day or the whole trip than to use buses.
  • Do not spend much money on your accommodation. It is just the place to spend the night, so let it be not overpriced. Yet, make sure you will be able to take a rest there and have a good quality sleep.
  • Check your destination. You will need to know the living standards of a destination country before going there. Consider how much money you are ready to spend and choose a country to go to according to your budget.

Good luck exploring the world!

Written by Stop The Breaks
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