The guitar is an instrument that is perhaps the most versatile in the music industry. Though time and culture of music trends have changed, learning to play guitar remains the same. There are some massive differences if you learn guitar by yourself with no assistance and learning from a professional Guitar Teacher.

Self Learning

If you are looking to learn to play guitar without any professional teacher the internet has many avenues for you to do so. When it comes to self-learning you can say that anyone can master guitar learning by himself. As a novice guitarist you might be wondering about How you should learn To Play Guitar However, there are some things to consider when deciding to learn by yourself.

Personal Drive

Some people have an easier time learning by themselves. A person who is driven and has an extreme interest in playing guitar can easily master guitar skills. Furthermore, we must say that a great student can develop super skills if he polishes his guitar skills regularly. Reading Guitar Tabs is one of the earliest skills every beginner needs to know if they are learning by themselves because it shows you exactly what to play on the instrument without any knowledge of music.

Learning Guitar Through Youtube Classes

Youtube is an exceptional place to learn new skills but there are some downsides of learning the guitar through Youtube. Remember that the Youtube teaching experience is different from real in-person teaching. Although Youtube is plentiful when it comes to guitar learning content, there are certain concepts and techniques that are easier to learn in person with a guitar teacher or community.

Guitar Learning From Online Communities

Quora is currently one of the most famous social media platforms in the world. No doubt that Guitar fanatics on Quora can give advice about guitar learning strategies. However, you can not rely upon their personal experiences with guitar learning. Learning guitar by oneself can allow you to pick up some bad habits.

Several things can perplex you if you are trying to learn guitar playing by yourself. Sometimes one of the most challenging things about learning to play the guitar is learning rhythm on guitar.  If you’re learning today’s pop music on the guitar, there are a lot of complex rhythms that you might not be able to understand just by listening to the song and reading a guitar tab.  Having help from a guitar teacher can help resolve this issue.


  • No Pressure From Teacher
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Plenty of resources online for you to learn from
  • Learn anything that you want to learn


  • You may develop some bad habits
  • It may take longer to learn some concepts or pieces of music

Learning Under Guidance Of A Guitar Teacher

The physical experience of guitar classes is quite a different form than that of online practices because you have multiple opportunities to seek professionals from a guitar virtuoso. A professional guitar teacher teaches correct techniques for the most part.

A professional guitarist is an expert that will show you how to hold a guitar without hurting your wrists and remind you to sit straight so that you don’t hunch your back. They will also show you how to fret the strings onto the guitar.


  • Guitar teachers will Show you the correct technique
  • Help you find bad habits and show you how to correct them
  • Make a lesson plan to fit your goals


  • May be limited to the knowledge of the guitar teacher
  • Weaknesses Of Teacher Might Influence Your Style
  • Sometimes difficult to find the right guitar teacher for you


While you look around for guitar lessons you have to be patient. In conclusion, you might find it best to have a mix of self-learning and a guitar teacher to consult once a week. However, it depends on how much time you have to commit to learning the guitar.

Keep in mind that learning online can help you learn a bit about the guitar but a professional guitar teacher can help you achieve your goals faster.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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