It’s no secret! Casinos have existed for centuries, entertaining all forms of civilization from Ancient Egyptians to Romans. But despite that, there are still lots of myths and misconceptions about casinos that have persisted through the years.

Myths can influence and cloud the mind of even the most seasoned players, leading to bad game results. That’s why gamblers (whether beginner or experts) must learn about casino myths and how to handle them to avoid unpleasant situations.

Here, we have gathered and exposed the three most spread myths in the gambling industry. Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

If You Win Online Casinos Will Not Pay Out

Yes, there are many shady places on the internet. But even those places have clever ways of scamming players than denying players their winnings.

Some casino make it easy to cancel a withdrawal before processing it, allowing you to wager your money again. Such dubious methods usually result in irresponsible gambling, and it’s frowned upon in the online gaming industry.

Denying players their winning can cause serious consequences for the casino. When you register with the fastest withdrawal casino, you can rest assured you will receive your winnings. Most online casinos don’t want to lose their license or tarnish their brand; that is why they will never refuse to make a payout.

Most online casinos with dubious reputations tend to use delaying tactics, meaning you will have a hard time withdrawing your money. Some might ask you to verify your identity several times with the claim you didn’t do it.

However, there are a few instances where the casino might deny the payout. But that’s if you have breached the casino’s Terms and Conditions, including:

  • Violating bonus Terms and Conditions
  • Having multiple accounts with the same casino
  • Using another person’s credit card
  • Being underage

Dealers Can Affect the Outcome of the Games

Most individuals assume that the casino dealers can affect your results. It’s a fair assumption since dealers hand out the cards, and they can cheat if they want to. But they can’t get away with cheating because they are often monitored by security officers, who will report them instantly.

The truth is casinos don’t tamper with any game because it can lead to severe consequences for both the croupiers and the casino. The penalty the casino has to pay is nothing compared to the losses it might incur because a croupier cheated.

Keep in mind that casinos also have a large team of professionals monitoring every table, making sure that no one is cheating. And if they spot someone cheating, you can rest assured they will kick him or her out of the venue.

Casino Games Are Rigged

“Casino games are rigged” is the argument most gamblers settle for when they lose their money or quit gambling.

Honestly, there is some truth in this myth. But as it happens to most myths, conspiracy theorists took it too far.

Like any other business, casinos are in to make money. And they make it all thanks to the house edge. The house edge ensures the casinos are turning a profit every time.

To get that house edge or advantage, game developers statistically design all games of chance to make more money for the casino than it pays out to the players over time.

However, this doesn’t mean that they can take part in deceitful tactics to prevent you from winning. It means that the odds slightly favor the casino.

Each casino game contains a Random Number Generator (RNG) that’s simulated billions of times by game developers and casinos. As a result, the game guarantees an exact payback percentage and offers the player an equal chance to win. Authorities check and regulate RNGs constantly in both land-based and online casino sites.


In this short piece, we have tried to separate myths from facts by providing you with the truth. Don’t let a few casino myths prevent you from having a good gaming experience and a chance to win. If you’re unlucky or you lose a settle for a superstitious myth to feel better.

Keep in mind that casino myths and misconceptions can damage your financial and mental well-being. That said, it’s crucial to understand what myths are and why they’re wrong.

Before placing a wager, understand the game, then bet responsibly. And always remember that you’re gambling primarily for fun, so know your limits and know when to walk away.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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