These days you can easily hear and even learn about music through music sites. There are a bunch of music listening formats, but in this post, I’ll tell you about the difference between mixtape and album.

What is the difference?

As I’ve been writing above, mixtape and album are both formats for music listening.

On the other hand, both different in some ways,

If you want to know which one to make, you are in the right post.

Mixtape tracks are usually the extra songs in the projects,

and this is why mixtapes are generally given away for free as they are less valuable.

The album has the more “valuable” songs, which is why it is usually being sold.

In addition, the album is more themed and collected.

The album has a reason why songs are in some order, and it usually comes from an idea or intent to give the album a sort of feel.

The mixtape has less structure with many random songs, as well the mixtape doesn’t gather the pieces to fit a theme and typically sounds more spontaneous.

An artist can use a mixtape to build up a future album or raise attention to him.

The album connects more to heavy agreements as opposed to a mixtape which is more friendly and favor-based.

Mixtape Past

The main form first was audio cassettes, later on, CDs.

It emerged in 1960 and became popular in 1980.

A few years ago, rappers, for example, sometimes used other artists’ instrumentals for free.

And it had been made cheap as it can be, to give it away for free to satisfy their fans.

Sometimes it can be annoying, but there are no transitions between the songs.

The mixtape regularly appears, including just one record on, including the songs mixed on it.

albums history

The albums have always been for more significant projects and opened doors to start touring, selling album merch, and more. But it was expensive back then.

Today creating an album is a much easier and cheaper task as you can use internet tools way more affordable than in the past and even make a recording studio at home.

There should still be a story and some pace, but it is just a lot cheaper.

Today albums are recorded on cd, vinyl, or just on the leading music apps like Spotify and Apple Music, youtube, etc.

The songs recorded should not have been heard till the artist published the album.

The album has a range of around 15 songs.

There is also a pause between the song’s transition.

What Next?

Now that you know the difference between a mixtape and an album, you can choose your best way to make music or hear it.

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