Music is an essential part of many of our life experiences. It has the ability to make or break an experience, to influence our mood and enhance a memory. In TV and movies, there’a a whole team and budget for the music, and this is no different in gaming. The music that accompanies a video game is incredibly important in defining the overall experience.

If you were to think back to a game that you don’t like, the chances are that the music had a large influence on this experience. Music has the ability to help us relax, to focus, or to feel tense and is a vital part of the game. Many games now allow you to choose your own music, in which you may be wondering which is the best for your game.

Below, we’ll take a look at what music pairs best with different games to give you the best overall gaming experience.

Music to help you concentrate

Some games call for a good level of concentration, including those games where a great deal of strategy is involved such as poker. Music can act as a stimulus for the brain, helping us to concentrate by blocking out other distracting noises and thoughts. The stimulus engages the brain which can help to modify our mood and provides a rhythm that keeps us alert.

Not only does this help with concentration, it also helps us to feel more engaged with the game and have a better gaming experience. Some of the best types of music that help with concentration include:

  • Classical music – Classical music is full of melodic tunes which has been proven to alter brain waves and provide stimulation that keeps us focused and alert. Slow classical music can be relaxing, however it has also been proven to send people into a sleep-like state so it’s probably best to stick to something more upbeat when gaming.
  • Blues and Jazz music – Blues and Jazz music can be great for both concentration and creativity. The tune can often change unexpectedly, keeping the brain alert while also subconsciously encouraging us to have more creative thoughts.
  • EDM music – EDM is a type of dance music that you usually find in a club, however it’s become a popular choice for game backing tracks too. EDM can inspire feelings of movement which keeps us alert, while the rhythmic beat provides greater focus, making it easier for us to carry out challenges.

Music to create energy and adrenaline

Playing a high speed game? Or perhaps a game where the stakes are high? Some games like online slots need music that helps you feel excited about the outcome of the game. This is especially true for the likes of monopoly slots where there’ so many exciting slot game options and themes to choose from.

You want to choose a backing track that helps you to feel upbeat and on the edge of your seat, without feeling too tense. Music is deeply tied to our emotions and has the ability to evoke powerful memories. Science tells us that listening to certain types of music can release dopamine in the body, which is responsible for pleasure emotions when we experience things like food, sex or drugs.

As such, happy music has the ability to keep players coming back to a game again and again while invoking feelings of joy and pleasure. What’s not to love? Let’s take a look at the best music to keep you feeling excited and upbeat.

  • Upbeat tempos – The average tempo of a song that evokes feelings of happiness is remarkably higher than a typical pop song. A pop song has a tempo of around 118 beats per minute, whereas a feel-good song has an average tempo of around 140 to 150 beats per minute.
  • Lyrics – Lyrics can have a powerful impact on our mood, in which upbeat songs are centered around positive events like going to the beach, going out with friends or being in love. Song lyrics have a surprisingly powerful ability to cheer us up and life our overall mood.
  • Music Key – Feel good music is usually in a major key as this comes across as more cheerful, whereas minor keys tend to create music with a gloomy effect.

Music to evoke adrenaline

Some games require music that has the ability to make us feel tense and on edge. Such games include action and thriller video games, as well as casino games when you’re about to find out the outcome of an action. The music used in games like this have the power to influence the way we feel, whether that be scared, excited or amused.

Let’s take a look at some of the music techniques used in games to evoke adrenaline:

  • Digetic and nondiegetic music – Digetic music is sound that comes from a prop in the game, such as cash falling when you win, coins jangling when you pull a lever on a slot machine, or an alarm clock going off in a tense thriller scene. Digetic music is just background music that helps set the scene, without making us feel to involved in what’s going on.
  • Build up sounds – In order to create tension, a technique that is used is to build up the volume and rhythm of a sound. This is quite often seen with violin music and has the ability to create chills in the player.

Overall, music has an incredibly powerful effect on how we experience a video game. Without it, we would lack the emotional connections that enable us to feel immersed in the world of the game and get the same level of enjoyment out of it. By taking the above into consideration, you’ll be able to easily match the best music to your game for an even better experience.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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