Besides watching different sports, many people also like betting on them. As a result, the online gambling industry has become even more popular. Once you start looking for a place to bet, you will realize that you can find some pretty good online bookmakers and casinos. Most of them have pretty good desktop websites, which means that you should have a fantastic betting experience.

However, when it is time to bet on the go, you will see that there aren’t that many betting websites that have a mobile app. Most of them create a mirror version of their desktop website, which is not bad because it usually offers everything you need.

Before you start looking for the best app, we want to share a few words about the most popular mobile OS and see which one is the best for sports betting. We recommend reading this article until the end because you will probably find something you didn’t know.


Even though more people used iOS back in the days, the situation changed once Samsung started to manufacture loads of smartphones. Nowadays, there are way more Android users, so if you decide to learn some information about betting apps, you will see that most of them are available for this platform.

Generally speaking, Android is an excellent mobile OS because it allows customers to customize whatever they want. What’s more, it is usually “friendly” towards most types of applications, so you can find loads of things on Google Play.

Unfortunately, you won’t come across many betting applications because Google’s policy is strict when it comes down to gambling. Consequently, most websites that offer casino games and a sportsbook are forced to create separate apk files that you have to download and install if you want to access their app.

The entire process to get the app on your device is not as difficult as it might seem, but there are some things that you have to change inside your phone or tablet’s settings because otherwise, you won’t be able to install it. Needless to say, many people don’t want to go through it, which is why they prefer using the given bookie’s mobile site.


Apple has an entirely different approach to its mobile OS compared to Android. Instead of being “open-source”, it is fully controlled by Apple, which means that every app you will find inside the App Store has to go through the company.

You will probably assume that there won’t be any mobile betting apps there, but you will be wrong. Almost every gambling operator that has this type of app can upload it in the App Store, which means that people can get it on their iPhones and iPads without using any apk files.

What’s more, these apps are usually optimized well, which means that they can run on older devices.

Final Verdict

We think that both mobile OS are good, but if we have to choose just one, we will go for iOS because it is easier to install the apps you want to. If you don’t mind changing your phone or tablet settings all the time, feel free to use Android.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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