When choosing a slot game, the selection can be vast. With so many different variations, themes, and designs, you can quickly find yourself lost in choice. This can be even harder if you are a beginner. For fans of hip-hop, a great place to start is with something familiar. Below, we give three of the best hip-hop-themed slots to get you started.

Wild Beats

Wild Beats is a very unique slot game in a marketplace crowded with ancient Egyptian and treasure trove-laden designs. This one concentrates on using street dance as its primary criterion, giving it a fresh, modern look that is extremely inviting. One of its quirky features is the hip-hop soundtrack, which releases a drum break with every spin.

The game has five reels and four rows, giving you a total of 40 different ways to win. All the icons are themed with classic street-style iconographies, such as baseball caps, sneakers, and retro stereos. Sneakers are one of the highest-paying symbols and can pay out 300 credits if you manage to match five. Headphone symbols and visors also pay out quite highly.

The game is developed by stalwarts Playtech, who are based in Estonia. As one of several great game developers from the Baltic and Scandinavian countries, also including Play’n GO, they have pioneered a revolution in online gambling in the region. New online casinos are just starting to open up there with a whole host of different games from local developers. Bonusfinder.dk has several providers of their games for people in Denmark and the neighboring countries to try them out, often with attractive welcome offers. If you are a fan of hip-hop and casino games, then try Wild Beats on one of their platforms.


Loaded is an older game now, released by developer Microgaming. They are pioneers of online gambling entertainment, which you can see on their website here at microgaming.co.uk. While many new offerings with better graphics and playability are available, Loaded is still fun. It is packed with everything an aspiring hip-hop artist could desire. For example, symbols include mansions, Rolls Royce classic cars, and treble clefs made from crystal and golden records. Of course, characters pop up throughout the game who take their likenesses from the hip-hop canon. These include the Snoop Dogg-style rapper and his female assistants.

The game is not one for the high rollers, as stakes are low and so are the payouts. However, if you want to have some fun without breaking the bank you can always try it out. It has five reels which provide 25 different pay lines. A host of wild symbols and free spins can soon send a fairly standard game off into unchartered territory, adding another layer of excitement. For new players who love hip-hop, it is a great place to start.


Pimped is the official slot game of Snoop Dogg himself. Always looking for a way to make money, it is one of his many successful business ventures. He is even still relating new material, which you can find on snoopdogg.com. Created by Play’n’ GO, it takes all the imagery you would expect and packs it into what is a very entertaining slot adventure. Heavily centered on money, rolls of dollar bills, and other symbols of wealth, it has five reels and three rows for you to enjoy. All this creates 10 different pay lines.

Of course, the highest-paying symbol is Snoop Dogg himself. There are a host of wild symbols as well, which also allow access to a free spins bonus round. If you are a fan of slots and hip-hop games, this is a great place to start.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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