Earning money playing casino games is that life can be about for you. You want to feel the thrill of the risks gambling offers but also make money and increase your bank account. GamingZion created a playlist a bit ago that could help you enhance your online gambling experience. You may find these five songs will increase your gambling luck or concentration. These songs are hip-hop, and their topic is money. Take a listen to the top songs that are belting out their meaning loudly and gaining heaps of cash.

Mo Money Mo Problems

Puff Daddy is known for his song Mo Money Mo Problems. There is certainly a negative side being discussed in the song. Biggie and Puffy sing about enjoying their wealth and fame, but it also comes with issues. The entire soundtrack can help pick up your gambling spirit with the song, and words like We don’t play around, it’s a bet, lay it down, which is a gambling reference by Mase.

Another song featuring Diddy, The Notorious BIG, Lox and Lil Kim will add to your nightly fun.

All about the Benjamins

Benjamins is slang for $100s. The song is all about the large bills, the rich and famous lifestyle one can have with plenty of money. The rappers talk about five carats on their hands, luxury meals with three courses, and much more, but the entire piece is centered on the $100s that are always nice to have.

Bag of Money

Bag of Money by Rick Ross starts with the typical electronic sounds you have come to know. He is definitely talking about his wealth and how a woman has got him caught up in a moment by looking like a bag of money. It is a song about money and women, and for you, it might lift your spirits while you gamble. It is rhythmic, although repetitive in the words sung.

I’m So Paid

Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy have weighed in on the money talk when it comes to hip-hop by offering; I’m so Paid. It is a song about money where one gets hustled for their money, why someone wants to count his money, and why he is getting paid. It is true there is a “hate” motif to the song, but then it is also about honesty and why we all want cash raining from the sky instead of being stuck in life without money.

Addicted to Money

Lil Scrappy created the song Addicted to Money, which is featured on Ludacris. Lil Scrappy is certainly a rap king. He uses electronic sounds to state he is addicted to money in the background, while using lyrics to discuss his life and why he is addicted to money, clothes, and women.

These five songs are just the highlights of hip-hop that could enhance your entertainment during mobile casino play. The top five hip-hop songs could evolve into a longer list of say ten with such hits as I Got Cash and This Plane.

Listening to Music and Playing

Many of the online casinos provide sounds for the machines and table games you might play, but they are repetitive and can be quite irritating. Rather than get bogged down by the unoriginal, you could decide to play your own music, the stuff you love, and see your mood pick up as your earnings do.

Whether you want to think about earning cash in online mobile gaming to buy a plane, get women to hang out with you, or just enjoy the finer things in life, sometimes it starts with the right music. The correct music pushes your mood to new heights, lets you relax and enjoy, while potentially earning more. The study on these five songs has shown an increase in winnings for those who are relaxed, enjoying the music and games they play versus those who do not.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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