If you have decided to become a lawyer, the next question is usually how long does it take to become a lawyer. He will surely want to know so he can estimate how long it will be before he begins to reap the benefits of his education.

The passion to practice law and save lives should be your focus, however, you must also learn the requirements to become a lawyer.

The law brings order and peace to the world, so the burden on lawyers’ shoulders to decide who to prosecute is heavy. If they don’t build their cases well and an innocent man is prosecuted, the balance of justice tips toward injustice, and evil roams the streets.

Why study law?

When you consider that it takes 7 years to become a lawyer, you begin to wonder why you have decided to take this path. Even though your passion is a strong enough motivation to keep pushing, you need to refresh your mind on the reasons why you are studying law.

Most people study law for the following reasons:

1. The opportunity to help people

Helping people is like the foundation on which the law was built. You don’t want evil to prevail because the people who unleash it have power and its victims don’t. Through his position as an attorney, he can help people get what is owed to them, as well as solve the legal problems of organizations. Public interest attorneys exist to defend legal causes to promote the greater good of society and provide legal assistance to those who cannot afford an attorney. There are also attorneys in private practice who provide pro bono services to low-income individuals from underserved populations as victims of child abuse. When you see how good you can be for the world, you just want to become a lawyer.

2. The reputation

Have you seen parents who do not consider professions other than law, medicine, and engineering? That is to show you how high people are in the legal profession. This reputation has lasted for generations and will continue to be maintained for generations to come due to the level of authority that an attorney wields. Lawyers command respect and the media always project them as successful professionals.

3. Opportunity for specialization

Specializing in one area of ​​a profession increases your chances of becoming indispensable. The law industry is one with a lot of segmentation and specialization. Therefore, there are many subspecialties of law that you can specialize in and grow your reputation there. Some of these specializations include green law and intellectual property law.

How long is law school?

Law School typically takes three years to complete. But you must ask yourself, why all the fuss about the length of becoming a lawyer if it only takes three years to complete a law school?

If you are already wondering “how many law schools should I apply to?” – hold your horses. The thing is, before entering law school, you must have completed a bachelor’s degree. It doesn’t matter what type of bachelor’s degree you have these days, but your degree should provide you with knowledge in political science, history, criminal justice, and philosophy.

Now, completing a bachelor’s degree will take you three to five years. Full-time programs are usually shorter, so if you want to become a lawyer quickly, you should make sure that you attend a full-time bachelor’s program.

Since you cannot become a lawyer until you have passed law school, it takes seven years to complete the education required to become a lawyer. But this could be more if you spend a year or two struggling to gain acceptance into law school. It could also be shorter if you complete an accelerated bachelor’s program.

To reduce the financial burden of attending law school, here are law scholarships you can take advantage of.


Being a lawyer is interesting, useful, and even profitable. Knowledge of the law has not bothered anyone yet, but it helps in our unstable world quite often. Studying at the Faculty of Law will be both difficult and interesting. It is worth being prepared for the fact that you will have to constantly monitor economic, financial, budgetary, and, of course, legal news. A future lawyer needs to be able to analyze, see and hear what others do not see or hear, remember those things that do not lie on the surface. For lawyers that would like to run their own law firm in the future, it would be a benefit to complete project management courses online, after which they will be able to face difficulties connected with running their own firms. Such a profession presupposes a heightened sense of justice and healthy cynicism at the same time.

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