Motivation might sometimes be more difficult to find. It is directly linked to many factors from our environment and it is at the core of our goals. Whenever you act, involve in a process, write an essay, or take part in classes, motivation is the one that keeps you going.

When your life is so crowded, it is difficult to find the time necessary to do everything you want, so you need to prioritize. Studying and getting an education is very important nowadays, especially because it has become so accessible to do this, thanks to the advancements of technology. But while some gadgets can ease your life, motivation needs to be fostered and found.

Music is a nice tool that can help you find your study motivation, especially if you listen to songs that give you energy. Here we have gathered a list of hip hop songs for students that will unleash their motivation.

R. Kelly – I believe I can fly (for a Better Essay)

Let’s start this list with a chill and peaceful song, yet one with so powerful lyrics. I believe I can fly might be seen as outdated by many youngsters and students, but even though it was released in 1996, it can unleash your motivation. If you find yourself having a moment of demotivation, lack of creativity, or just experiencing writer’s block, you probably have considered getting essay writing help. Lack of motivation can trick you into believing you can’t do research, write, and reach your goals. Many students are tempted into searching for an essay writing service to write my essay. So, why not buy this essay now and enjoy a moment of peace to find your motivation with R.Kelly?

Wiz Khalifa – Work Hard Play Hard

This is such a powerful song released by Wiz Khalifa in 2012 that can help you boost your motivation. Even though it is pretty different from the previous song, Wiz Khalifa has managed to convey the message and build inspiring lyrics. On top of this, the melody is full of bass and upbeat sounds that can boost your mood and motivation anytime.

Kendrick Lamar – Hiii Power

Hiii Power is an iconic song for Kendrick Lamar and the entire hip hop music scene. But it is also a great choice if you want to fuel your motivation and start taking care of your college tasks and paper. If hip hop is the music genre you like the most, it will probably bring comfort in times of need, but also boost your mood. Listening to this song by Kendrick Lamar in your headphones will simply enrich your learning experience.

Lil Wayne – Money on My Mind

Lil Wayne is known to have pretty straightforward lyrics that send an accurate and clear message. Money on my mind is a song that follows this principle and puts on the table some of the most inspirational lyrics. Students might easily be overwhelmed by the number of tasks they have to take care of for college. They might have group projects as well, and also learn for exams. On top of this, personal time is very important, especially for youngsters that rely heavily on their friends for social support.

Lil Wayne has a clear message: sometimes, you might need to face obstacles in your life. But as long as you know your life goals, you can overcome everything that stays in your way. Such as this moment described by lack of motivation.

Missy Elliott – Work It

This list would have not been complete without the spectacular Missy Elliott. Work It was released in 2002, and since then, Missy Elliott has produced a lot of other incredible and powerful songs. However, this one is the perfect song you could start your study session with. It simply introduces you to another world and universe, where you need to gather your cognitive resources to overcome these obstacles. Having a positive and optimistic mindset is what Missy Elliott gives you through this song.


Motivation can sometimes be difficult to find by students. While extrinsic factors can boost your intrinsic motivation, studying for exams is more about your intrinsic motivation. Not feeling like studying is a common sign of a lack of motivation phase many students go through. Fortunately, music has been proved to boost one’s mood and motivation, so listening to these hip hop and rap songs will fuel you with the energy you need.

Author Bio: Vendy Adams is an essay writer and researcher. She often collaborates with local newspapers and magazines and writes concert and song reviews. Vendy’s favorite musician is Snoop Dogg.

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