Being a music lover is something that is quite common however for some people that love goes way beyond a hobby, it’s a full-blown passion. When you think about a career in the music industry you might only think about the musicians and artists that make up this huge pool of professionals, but the truth is there are so many other ways to establish yourself in the music industry without ever having to strum a guitar or sing a single note. If you are thinking about how to make your mark as a leader in the industry here are a few moves to make before you dive into the job market.

Go to College

Not every job is going to require a degree, but some might. Additionally, having a college education can add life skills to your resume that will serve you well in this sector. Spending four or more years as a dedicated student working towards the goal of graduation shows future employers that you can stick it out and have what it takes to go the distance once hired. This is an expensive process though, so you need to be sure that you are clear on those details before you start applying to schools or programs of study.

In many cases, using a personal loan to help cover any additional education expenses is the right move. There is a lot more flexibility now than ever before in terms of what you can spend borrowed money on. Not to mention there is a simplicity in the process now that makes it hard to ignore. You can get matched with personal loan offers that are completely customized to you. Think about the career path you want to follow and work backwards to see if obtaining a college education makes sense for your end goal.

Identify Your Interests

There are so many ways to break onto the scene beyond becoming an artist. Do some research and learn about the different ways to make a career out of your hobby in music and the arts. Some common job opportunities are:

  • Music producer
  • Artist manager
  • Tour coordinator
  • Music publicist
  • Entertainment attorney

As you can see, the variety is definitely there. Not to mention once you get started you are not necessarily chained to one specific job title. Also spend some time looking at different companies that you can work for and consider how you may be able to transition within the same company and experience different roles.


Networking is critical in every industry however the music business specifically is very much built on personal and professional relationships. Do everything you can to put yourself in position to meet the right people. This might look like building a professional network on a platform like LinkedIn or it might look like attending shows and performances organized by a company you hope to work for. Volunteering is also a great way to get your name and face circulating and learn about opportunities for jobs that might not be promoted publicly.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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