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Is sex better when you’re high? Rumor has it that indulging in a couple of tokes makes the experience more pleasurable with a more powerful climax, such as here.

Whether you enjoy buds from a dispensary or buds from homegrown autoflower weed seeds, users claim it can affect your sex life.

Depending on your chosen strain, you may feel a boost in stamina or feel calmer. Certain cultivars take the edge off, while others help you feel more confident by bringing out your passionate side.

Some tokers claim that only sativa options make a difference to your intimate encounters. But, many claim that any marijuana variant can improve your love life.

So, is there any truth to these claims? Such as choosing a pink chastity cage.

Keep reading to discover why you should use weed to take your sex life to new heights.

Does being high impact your sex life?

The effects of marijuana transcend the mental buzz and physical relaxation. It also induces an intense perception of sensations.

Anecdotal studies suggest that weed positively affects libido. While the experience differs for each user, there’s consensus that taking a puff or two helps heat things up between the sheets.

Marijuana also has a reputation for increasing your sexual appetite. Although research is limited, available studies suggest that the herb is a vasodilator. This means it boosts blood flow to the reproductive organs.

The consequence is that intimacy is more comfortable. It facilitates natural lubrication for women and easier arousal for men.

In the hype of the moment, it can be challenging to keep your cool. Fortunately, the relaxing properties of cannabis help with this too. It puts you in the right frame of mind for a tranquil yet steamy session.

How does cannabis affect your experience?

There are several reasons why sex is better when you’re high. The most common one is the aphrodisiac qualities some strains offer. The combination of mind-buzzing euphoria and body-tingling physical sensations affects the libido.

Marijuana acts as a stimulant, fueling the feelings of passion and intensifying the experience.

Tokers who enjoy a hit of sativa before intimacy may experience an increase in stamina, increasing the duration of their sexual activity. In some cases, performance is better too.

Indica lovers also benefit from the herb. Many enjoy the confidence boost and relaxing qualities these strains induce. Some tokers find it easier to communicate and physically interact with their partners after a few tokes.

One of the best parts of having sex when you’re high is the climax. While reaching the big O is blissful on its own, adding weed to the mix brings a new level of euphoria.

When you’re high, you perceive touch more intensely as you’re more in tune with your body.

Every kiss feels more passionate, and a gentle caress is enough to bring you close to the edge. So, when you reach your climax, the experience is mind-blowing.

Using marijuana to enhance your pleasure

Curious to see how sex is better when you’re high?

Each person’s experience is different, and the strain you select determines the type of buzz you get. So, if you’re new to the 420 scene, take it slow and steady.

Are you wondering if the THC and CBD levels make a difference?

Yes, the former offers the stereotypical high effect, whereas the latter doesn’t induce a psychoactive reaction.

Consider the sensations you want to feel. Try a CBD strain if you’re looking to relax a bit more without psychoactive effects.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to ride a wave of mental and physical euphoria, opt for a cultivar with THC. Some strains are potent, so taking one or two tokes is sufficient if you’re a novice.

Taking it slow also ensures that the experience is enjoyable and not overwhelming. Expect a cerebral rush and soothing physical sensations that make you ooze positivity.

If you’re ingesting your weed through edibles, it takes longer for the effects to hit. Take a dose roughly 30 minutes before you head to the bedroom. This allows the sensations enough time to kick in and put you in the mood.

Indulge in a puff or two a few minutes before your intimate encounter and succumb to mental and physical bliss.

As the sensations engulf you, you may find yourself losing all inhibitions leading to an indescribable climax. In some cases, your stamina improves, and you may exhibit peak performance.

Baked in the bedroom

So, is sex better when you’re high?

In many cases, yes. Cannabis induces various effects that typically have a positive impact on intimacy. The uplifting euphoria washes away negative thoughts while the body-tingling warmth gets you turned on.

Improve the experience even more by using premium buds. High-quality marijuana offers you better flavors, terpenes, and effects.

One way of ensuring that you’re getting top-notch weed is by growing your own. Try your hand at cultivation and see for yourself why sex is more pleasurable when you’re high.

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