One of the primary reasons why online betting is as popular as it is today is the bonuses. It is nearly impossible to come across an online bookmaker or a casino that doesn’t have at least some kind of a reward.

There are all sorts of offers out there, but the most popular ones will give you a matching deposit once you make a successful transaction. Usually, these promotions are available to new customers, but individual gambling operators can take advantage of them even if you already have an account.

Besides the value of the bonus, one of the things that differentiate the various offers is the promo code. This is something that some betting operators will require you to use in order to try out a specific reward. Usually, those things are available in online casinos, but we’ve seen bookies that also allow their clients to apply such a code.

We know that many people don’t like using promo codes, which is why we’ve decided to highlight some of the pros and cons that come along with those things.


The biggest advantage of using a bonus code is that you will get the chance to try out a special reward that is otherwise not available. Once you find the best coupons and codes for the betting sites you are interested in, make sure you go through the promo section and see what kind of surprise you can unlock.

Another benefit of having a bonus code is that you know exactly what you will get once you apply it. Some bettors don’t like surprises, so you should definitely find a bookie with a promo code if you are one of them.


The most obvious disadvantage of using a coupon code is that you won’t be able to utilize a particular offer if you forget to apply it. Although it might seem strange, many people fail to use the promo code whenever it is needed. Consequently, they will miss out on the specific reward that it unlocks.

Apart from the fact that you can forget to use it, some bettors don’t like bonus codes because the offers that they unlock usually come along with a high wagering requirement. Of course, this depends entirely on the bookie/casino, but in most cases, you will have to wager this offer more times than the rest.

Lastly, you need to be careful not to use the wrong bonus code. If this happens, you will exhaust the offer without even using it. Unfortunately, most coupon codes that are available on a given bookie look the same, so you can easily apply the wrong one if you are not careful.

What will happen if I don’t use a promo code?

In most cases, you just won’t be able to make use of the specific promotion that this code unlocks. Unfortunately, some deposit bonuses won’t work unless you apply the correct code, so you need to make sure that you comply with the requirements. Otherwise, your deposit won’t give you an advantage.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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