Christmas parties can be great fun when you add a Professional outdoor laser light Projector to your outdoor areas. It is an outdoor laser light projector that you can use to mesmerize your party. It’s simple design makes it easy to hang or place in the center of your party while it beams colored lights out into the night.

It uses a rechargeable battery and can be easily set up with its long cord. You’ll be able to make your Christmas party shine with a festive celebration when you add this item to create magic for all ages. So buy this now and enjoy the Christmas holiday with a great outdoor laser light show!

6 Way Laser Light Projector Intensify Beauty Of Your Party!

A 4.8V 1500mAh Ni-MH rechargeable battery powers the laser light projector. A full charge can work for 3 hours continuously. It also has a DC input of 5V/2A, making it easy to power the laser with an AC adapter. You can hang the light or stand it in the center of your party area to make your celebration more festive with a light show of colors and patterns projected into the night sky.

1. Creates Fun Experience:

It is an excellent addition to your outdoor party. With it, you can create a fun experience for yourself and your family, friends, or guests. It projects beautiful lights which can be used to create a fantastic ambiance that will surely make your celebration more memorable.

2. Adds Beautiful Memory:

This laser projector makes your party more beautiful and unique. Using it, you can create a memory you will cherish, your family, and your friends forever.

3. Creates Light Show:

It creates a light show which is captivating to look at. It creates a fantastic display of lights projected into the night sky, making it easy for people to enjoy the sights and sounds in a safe environment.

4. Safe To Use:

The item uses a 3W high-power red laser with a large aperture lens so that the pattern of the laser light beam is soft and uniform with a broad projection distance up to 200 square meters (support for multi-color optional).

5. Adds Vibrancy:

Using the Professional outdoor laser light Projector for your outdoor party creates the mood for party animals. It is a significant lighting effect to make your party more festive and lively.

6. Makes A Picture Clicking Environment:

Those who are pictures clicking lovers will love to be at your party. This is because, with the help of these great lights, you can add more colors and create a photo-ready environment anywhere.

Features Of Professional Outdoor Laser Light Projector

The outdoor laser light projectors have many unique features that make them great outdoor laser light projectors. It is designed to deliver brighter, more vibrant colors and effects to the partygoers. Below are some of them:

Four Changing Color Modes:

A great feature of this Professional outdoor laser light Projector is that it makes your Christmas party more attractive than ever. By setting the outdoor mode to multiple colors, you can create amazing effects for your guests. The methods include high mode with low cycling speed, medium mode with medium speed cycling, and slow mode with slow cycling speed.

Long Range Laser Projection:

With a long-range projection distance of up to 200 square meters, you will not need to worry about your guests’ safety when you use this item. The items are also safe to use even at night.

Water Proof Lightning:

The item is waterproof so you can use it in the rain or lightning. It has an IP65 waterproof grade, making it safe to use even when rain falls.

Lightweight And Portable:

The outdoor laser light projector is lightweight and portable, weighing just about 2 pounds. You can quickly bring it with you in your car so you can set up the projector for your party anywhere you want to give you a simple and instant setup.

Easy And Safe To Use:

The item is easy to operate. You can easily set up it with its long cord or hang it from any large tree or wall in your guest area. Note that it is not for indoor use. Likewise, it is not for indoor use, so ensure you have a suitable outdoor place to set up the projector before using it.

No Wire Connecting:

The Professional outdoor laser light Projector has no wires connecting; all you need is to hang the light on a tree or a wall, as this helps in the smoother and faster operation of the item.

Make your party fun and unique with this Professional outdoor laser light Projector. It can be used to create a beautiful environment that will surely make your guests feel fantastic. The item is built to last using quality materials while ensuring that it is lightweight, portable, and easy to operate.


What is the power of your product?

The outdoor laser light projector uses a 4.8V 1500mAh Ni-MH rechargeable battery with a working time of about 3 hours continuously. You can use it with an AC adapter or plug it into the car’s cigarette lighter outlet to power it.

Does it come with a remote?

Yes, it does.

Is the item waterproof?

Yes, the item is waterproof and safe to use even in rain or lightning. However, you need to keep the thing away from water as it could be easily damaged by water.

Does this item come with a warranty?

A: There is no warranty from us, but we can deliver products free of any defect within 90 days of purchase. No questions asked. We will provide you with a return for free if your product does not function properly, but otherwise, the product and the accessories are free of any defects for 90 days after purchase.

How far can it project the lights?

The Professional outdoor laser light Projector is designed to project beautiful lights which can be used to create a fantastic ambiance that will surely make your celebration more memorable. It also creates a gorgeous lighting show for you and all the people attending in your party area.

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