The American Bar Association must accredit legitimate law schools (ABA). There are no totally online law schools that are ABA-accredited. Students can now attend law school entirely online, with just a few on-campus residencies necessary each year. Some legal schools require students to attend classes on campus every other weekend, but they provide the majority of their training online. Aside from the manner of education, online law school is identical to regular law school. Students take the same coursework and get the same degree from the same faculty.

Above all, online students have the same right to take the bar test, which they must pass in order to obtain their legal license. Finally, online law school differs from traditional law school in providing students with a more flexible and convenient learning environment.

Online law schools are becoming increasingly popular, owing to the fact that they provide more flexibility in scheduling than traditional law programs. A student enrolled in an online legal degree can effortlessly juggle their work and school obligations. Another reason why online legal degrees have grown more popular than traditional law programs is that they are significantly less expensive. Prior to the availability of online schools, many people who wanted to pursue legal studies but lacked financial means had to settle for less expensive options. That isn’t the case any longer.

What do you need to get an online law degree?

The prerequisites for an online legal degree are identical to those for a regular law degree. To get admission, students must have finished a bachelor’s degree with a decent GPA (typically 3.5 or more) and good LSAT scores. Once accepted, students must finish three years of rigorous legal education in all disciplines. Part-time students might take up to four years to get their degrees. After completing their education, students must pass the bar test in order to be licensed to practice law.

What Can I Do a Law Degree Earned Online?

A legal degree gained online is equivalent to a law degree earned through traditional study. Graduates can practice in a variety of areas of law, including criminal defense, estate planning, intellectual property law, and more. Most new lawyers join a legal firm right out of law school however, they can also practice as single practitioners if they like. The bottom line is that graduates of an online law school can accomplish whatever those graduates of a regular law school can do with their knowledge.

Top online best law schools:

Touro college:

Jacob D. Fuchsberg of Touro College created a hybrid law curriculum in 2018. This program permits students to enroll in studies part-time. It is designed for students who work full-time or have substantial family commitments, as do all part-time law schools. In four years of part-time study, this degree can be completed. During the fall, spring, and summer semesters of their first two years of study, students must attend classes on Touro’s Long Island campus every other Sunday. Their final two years of education can be accomplished virtually entirely online.

Mitchell Hamline school of law:

The Mitchell Hamline School of Law is the only law school on our list that is not part of a university. Mitchell Hamline was the first law school to receive approval from the American Bar Association to provide online legal education. They were granted this approval in 2015, and the first cohort of hybrid students graduated in 2018. This program is available in both full-time and part-time formats.

Students who study full-time can graduate in three years, while those who study part-time can finish in four years. During their stay in law school, students must participate in ten on-campus residencies. They are not required to participate in live online classes, but they must engage in weekly online conversations with their instructors and peers.

Seton Hall university:

Seton Hall University in Newark, New Jersey, provides a hybrid legal degree that mixes online learning with on-campus residencies. This curriculum is committed to both the traditional Socratic approach of legal teaching and providing students with more freedom in their legal studies. During their first two years of study, students must spend eight weekends every semester on campus. Aside from that, courses and instruction are available online.

Students must complete exercises at their own speed and participate in class and professor discussions on a regular basis. Students have two options for their following two years of training after successfully completing the first two years of the program. They’re welcome to visit the campus every other weekend. They also have the option of taking up to 15 courses every semester totally online.

Loyola school of law:

The Weekend JD Curriculum was created in 2016 by Loyola University Chicago School of Law, which redesigned its standard part-time JD program. The Weekend JD Curriculum is a hybrid online/in-person program that combines face-to-face classroom instruction (every other weekend) with weekly, asynchronous online learning modules. With the inclusion of summer classes, this degree may be finished in 3 12 years, or 4 years if confined to the Spring and Fall academic sessions. The same professors that teach standard legal classes at LUC also teach in the Weekend JD Program, as they do in the other program on this list. Both the conventional program and the Weekend JD Program have identical entry criteria.

The most prestigious law school on our list is without a doubt Syracuse University. Syracuse was the second institution to be approved by the American Bar Association to provide a hybrid online-traditional legal curriculum. This program began in January 2019 at SU. There were 241 applicants for the inaugural class, and 32 were admitted. The admittance standards are the same as for traditional law programs, although the average LSAT scores for online students were somewhat higher.

The online legal degree at Syracuse University is just as challenging and rewarding as the regular law school. Students who study online can even contribute to the esteemed Syracuse Law Review. Live online classes, learning modules that students complete on their own time, and on-campus residencies are all available. This enables students who are working full-time or have family responsibilities to obtain a legal education. It takes three years and three months to complete the curriculum.

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