Is there a limit on the amount of things within society that the Internet has turned on its head? Seriously, life before the 21st century and the widespread Internet can be almost unrecognisable – what did people do before this age of instance connection and social media? It is now genuinely difficult to imagine life without the Internet, and we’ve only really had it for a few decades!

The gambling sector has profited highly from the Internet and its subsequent expansion into online territory. Everybody knows how well the online slot industry is doing, for example, and we can also add to play bingo online to that too. Online bingo has made it possible for millions of more people to play the enticing game, read ahead for our guide on the basics.

The road to online bingo

Funnily enough bingo has actually been around for almost 500 years, with its inception happening in Italy around this time, with a primordial version of the game called “Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia” being established. The game slowly spread across Europe, and by the very early 1900s bingo was being played in various forms all across the world.

It wasn’t until a man called Edwin S. Lowe devised a set of universal scorecards, however, that bingo really turned into the commercial juggernaut that it is today.

A brief history of online bingo

Obviously, for online bingo to exist the Internet had to be established first, and this wasn’t until the 1990s really. However, multiple entities had already started work on designing something like online bingo, and the first example of online bingo can be traced back to as early as 1996.

For a while there was trouble owing to the legality of online bingo, with developers struggling to convince governments that it wasn’t an example of gambling. However, during the early 2000s legislations were put in place in various countries that allowed for online bingo, and the game subsequently took off as a result.

The basics of online bingo

So then, what are the basics of online bingo? Well, at root online bingo is pretty much exactly like the version of bingo played in reality, however here a Random Number Generator is used to pick the numbers instead of the traditional number cylinder. Online bingo games can also be a lot bigger, as there are way more people that can fit in an online bingo hall rather than one in reality.

In order to play online bingo you must find a site that you can trust and then sign up (something that often results in a deposit being made). It really is as simple as that!

Some key tips

One thing to remember is that, in more cases than not, the more bingo scorecards you are in possession of, the bigger your chances of winning. However at the same time it is important to consider the fact that you have to be able to keep a concentrated eye on each card otherwise you might miss something.

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