People are using CBD for all sorts of reasons nowadays; whether to treat specific ailments or just to relax, people have begun to use CBD for many different purposes.

However, one of the lesser-known reasons why people choose to use CBD is to help with musical creativity.

But how does this work? How could combining CBD and music encourage musical creativity?

What Is CBD & How Does It Work?

While many musicians out there are already searching for the best CBD gummies and using them to help improve their creativity, not everyone understands this relationship.

CBD is one of the primary cannabinoids found in hemp plants, and it affects many of the same receptors in the human body as THC – but without any risk of a psychoactive high.

Thanks to its gradual and gentle interaction with the endocannabinoid system, users do not have to worry about intense highs. In fact, many people don’t really notice that they have imbibed a cannabinoid whatsoever, considering how subtle the effects are.

People use CBD to help treat everything from inflammation to helping to improve their general wellbeing, but how does it help with the music? What possible reason do musicians have for using it?

How Does CBD Help with Musical Creativity?

The idea of using CBD to increase musical creativity isn’t something that a lot of people think of when it comes to cannabinoids. CBD and music isn’t a combination that people would typically expect.

However, CBD could help not only to encourage creativity for artists, but also to relax and soothe those pursuing creative endeavors.

CBD doesn’t affect the centers of the brain that are responsible for creativity; or at least, no scientific studies have proven this yet.

However, CBD can help musicians thanks to its generally relaxing and calming effects. A study by Black et al. for the Journal of Lancet Psychiatry found that CBD could act as a symptomatic treatment for all manner of different mental disorders.

The study’s main thing focused on was CBD’s ability to help facilitate better thinking patterns through relaxation and calm. While many people do not think about it, creativity is often about channeling the right emotions and thinking with a clear head.

By focusing on the task at hand and creating whatever creative project needed, CBD could be exceptionally useful for artists.

But what about using regular cannabis instead? Surely using THC-rich cannabis would be better for creative projects?

Should You Use CBD or Regular Cannabis?

It has long been assumed that intensely strong cannabis, rich in cannabinoids like THC, encourages music-making and general creativity.

However, recent research has begun to show the opposite. A study by Kowal et al. for the Journal of Psychopharmacology has found that potent cannabis actively impairs divergent thinking in its users.

In a double-blind test, users who frequently imbibed high-intensity cannabis suffered impairment in divergent thinking, which is an essential skill in any creative endeavor.

This means that, by smoking cannabis, users were actively limiting their creative potential by consuming. Fortunately, CBD oil offers a zero-THC potential instead.

Final Thoughts: Using CBD for Musical Creativity

While it will certainly take some time to change our collective opinions about cannabis and creativity, it would appear that our often-assumed truth about cannabis and creativity is incorrect.

While it seems to make logical sense for an intensely psychoactive cannabis strain to encourage creativity, it actually does the opposite.

Instead, it is CBD for artists that we should be looking into. So, whether the goal is just to relax or to try and expand creativity and produce even greater works of art, CBD and music can indeed be used to help encourage creativity.

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