Have you seen images of musicians with cigarettes in their hands? Yes, you should have seen these if you follow celebrity magazines and TV shows. But these are quickly being replaced by vaping devices. So, the biggest question most fans are asking is whether musicians are ditching cigarette smoking for vaping. This question can only be answered after looking at some crucial facts. If you are interested to know, please read on.

Vaping Is Cooler Than Smoking

Musicians who used to smoke did so because the habit was seen as cool. This is why smoking is done for the cameras so that the whole world can see it. And indeed, it gave the image they wanted to have. But today, there is the cooler option of vaping. Musicians and celebrities can now be seen holding and using fancy and expensive vaping devices – find them at 180Smoke.ca. In fact, some have devices that include gold and diamond finishes, which give them more prestige.

Vaping Is Healthier

After cases of illness and death caused by cigarette smoking, some musicians are hesitant to smoke traditional cigarettes and want a healthier option. Vaping has been strongly promoted as a healthier alternative, and many musicians are moving to it. This is why you will always find musicians visiting reputable e-cigarette websites like ePuffer to choose their stylish and expensive vaping mods.

Vaping Offers Variety

Another major reason why musicians are moving to E cigarette is the current hype that is associated with it. This includes changing the cover colors of their vaping mods to match attire for those who are sensitive to fashion. They can enjoy different designs of vape pens. But the best part is that they can also enjoy different types of e-juices using a single device. This is something that they cannot get with cigarettes unless they change the brand altogether. And this is almost impossible for many of them.

Moving with the Hype

Another major reason why musicians are moving to vaping is the current hype that is associated with it. After all, which one of these celebrities would like to be left behind? They all like moving with the current trends to look more relevant. As everyone is now either moving to this habit or starting it, most of the musicians have started vaping. This is why musicians are frequently shown to be vaping in pictures and videos now.


It is a no-brainer that vaping offers more convenience than smoking. In fact, those who travel a lot can attest to this. For musicians, all they need is to identify an efficient online seller who will supply these accessories to them every time they order. They can even customize their e-juice to specific signature flavors and throat hits.


These are enough insights to illustrate that there is sufficient reasons for musicians to move from smoking to vaping. In fact, this trend is now widespread, and people are beginning to prefer vaping to smoking. So, it is true that there are more musicians who are changing camps now. You can also try this non tobacco pouches as substitute to smoking tobacco.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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