We are used to the fact that commercials are often annoying and monotonous. However, some examples of sports commercials can be compared to real short films. In this article, we will tell you about the most creative sports advertisements.

Adidas and record views


Adidas commercials are often very popular, but this one broke all records. Released in 2018, it reached 5 million views in the first 24 hours. The unique visuals, an unconventional script by Johannes Leonardo, and a powerful Keep Pushing soundtrack helped capture viewers’ attention.

In the full version of the video, which runs for 90 seconds, you can find a lot: subcultures, parties and sports.

Challenge by Nike


A funny video from Nike about the company’s big challenge. Men and women compete in running. Participants ran a special application on a smartphone, and the kilometres covered were added to the bank of the team of guys or girls. The video motivates people to join the competition, and also shows funny moments in which rivals try not only to run as much as possible but also to spoil each other’s results.

FIFA 2018 game


For the release of FIFA 2018 EA SPORTS, the game maker posted this video on its Youtube channel: a guy plays a console, controlling Cristiano Ronaldo, and performs a complicated feint with his feet. Then many people around the world tried to repeat the move: in snowy countries and under the scorching sun on the beach, on the roof of the building and in the office. Ronaldo watched the video, too. The footballer also wanted to repeat the feint of his videogame counterpart. After a lot of training, Cristiano managed to perform the move during a match, which surprised all the fans.

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Heineken and the Champions League


Heineken has always been one of the main sponsors of the UEFA Champions League. In the ad, the brand decided to show the worst disappointment of any fan: to be distracted for a while and miss a goal. The creators of the video wanted to convey to the audience that there are moments and opportunities that should not be missed. For example, to taste non-alcoholic Heineken beer.

KFC makes fun of the players


A KFC commercial, released in the run-up to the 2018 FIFA World Cup, disproves the myth that sports have nothing to do with fast food. In the story, a soccer player is overly addicted to simulation. He rolls around the field and then rolls out of the stadium, traversing streets and bridges in the same position, forcing skateboarders to jump over him. The diver only comes to his senses after eating chicken drumsticks at KFC.

Although the creators of the commercial did not name names, everyone saw a hint of PSG player Neymar in the commercial. The company denied the resemblance and claimed that it was ironic about all soccer players-simulants. The video spread around the world, and the main character became the character of many memes.

Planet Fitness: why people don’t like going to the gym


The American chain of fitness clubs Planet Fitness is constantly releasing funny videos. This video features seven stories about why people don’t like going to the gym. It’s likely that everyone who visits a fitness club has faced similar fears.

This commercial proves that not only world-famous sports brands like Adidas or Nike can make quality commercials, but also ordinary fitness clubs with a creative approach.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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