In recent years the mechanics of ranking on Instagram have changed. The exact count of likes has disappeared from the feed, although content makers still can see it. The reason for that was motivated by the negative impact of like numbers on the mental health of users. It is considered that exposing the numbers is provoking jealousy and unhealthy competition. However, you still can bring Instagram likes for your profit in a cheap and fast way. Even though the real number of your likes will be hidden for other users, there is still a reason to pay attention to their quantity. Today we will discover why you need likes on your Instagram blog.


The most important reason to continue tracking your like counter is that the number of hearts you get is indicating the attention of the viewers. By analyzing the dynamic of like growth you will understand which posts receive more appreciation from users and thus redirect more eyes to your profile. Due to the disposal of likes from public feed, the social approval factor is out of sight and people are hitting the button for their genuine appreciation of your content.

For you, this analytical potential of likes is the easiest way to detect the preferred content for your audience and make an accent on it because the algorithm of IG still implements this metric into the ranking. So, even without additional calls-to-action, you can discover what kind of content works best for you and then eliminate or improve posts that get less attention from your followers and occasional visitors.


As it was mentioned before, even though the public exposition of likes is hidden, they still matter a lot as a ranking factor. The algorithm that builds the rates and categorizes content is relying on the number of little hearts. The better is your count, the bigger is the chance to see your posts in the Explore section. Hence you are increasing your visibility on the platform and widen your audience multiple times.

Due to the specifics of modern feed, posts with more hearts will appear before the eyes of your followers and targeted advertising audience more often, making the results of your campaign fruitful for you.


As likes remain an internal metric only, brands and entrepreneurs notice that people are hitting the little heart not so often as they used to. But as we know from the previous paragraph, for algorithms it is still vital. The obvious conclusion is that today’s likes can help to beat the competitors because with the visibility increased you can redirect more users to your brand or blog. Your posts will appear more in the feeds of the target audience and thus dominate over your less lucky concurrence. From this angle, it is a nice bonus in your advertising campaign for Instagram. Then, again there are also services like Social Boost let you get more Instagram likes.

These are the main factors that prove that likes still matter for your growth. So do followers, you can buy Instagram followers from reliable service providers. You cannot impress your viewers with exact numbers anymore, but you can impact them subtly. Of course, you wonder what are the techniques that will help you to increase the amount of likes that you get. Here are gathered the most effective methods to boost your like counter.

1. Use A Call To Action

Calls to action are bald an effective way to improve your rates. People react well to direct queries for some action. Your task is to motivate users properly. The most common reason that is mentioned among influencers is explaining to users how the algorithm works and asking for more likes to remain visible in the feeds. In case you have trustworthy and strong relations with your audience, the response will be active and fruitful.

2. Create Likable Content

Whatever obvious it may sound, but this fact cannot be stressed enough. Providing incredible visuals and valuable information in your posts is probably the best way to gross likes without further efforts. Nothing can impress the audience more than tough and professional work which is producing original and high-quality content. Although with the current level of competition in most niches it can be hard to find a new angle for simple things, but who knows what hidden talents you may have?

3. Give It A Personal Flair

People love social media because of their… socializing! The power of personality is a huge like gatherer for your blog. Partly, this tip is mixed with the previous one – personal experience is appreciated and loved among users. All people are unique and maybe your point of view is interesting and influencing other people? So whatever you do on IG, give it a bit of your persona, and you will see how the result improves almost magically.

3. Define Your Target Audience

To get the most from your promotion, you must clearly understand who are you aiming for. The right choice of target audience means organic and rapid growth. Try to find out things like:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Profession
  • Region
  • The time of most active presence on the platform
  • Preferred type of content
  • Key interests and trends among the audience

4. Host A Contest With Likes

This is a bald but effective method to boost your rates too. Create a contest, where users have to like several posts of yours and choose a winner with a randomizer. Make sure the prize is valuable and interesting to your followers. But do not overload your page with contests, it will make you look spammy and desperate. Contests are a periodic thing to be used for boosting the interest in your content.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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