In a factory or an Industrial conditioners, machines are in operation almost constantly. Indoors, the temperature therefore rises and workers can quickly feel uncomfortable. Traditional air conditioners turn out to be quite expensive. Instead, evaporative air cooling is much more convenient. In this article, you will discover the principle of operation of this system as well as its main advantages as well as about emergency hvac repair

How does the RAE work?

Also called an adiabatic system, the air cooler by evaporation, like an air conditioning system using a Canadian well, can be used to air-condition a small or large room. It is mainly composed of a hot water tank, a circulation pump, cellulose exchangers, and a fan. This device, therefore, has a fairly simple mechanism.

The principle consists of sending the hot air to the cellulose exchangers thanks to the ventilation system. . These humidify the hot air to make it cold air. The latter is then sent impulsively into the room to be cooled. This is a very efficient air conditioning system that can reduce the temperature by 10 degrees. The adiabatic system is thus also called bio air conditioner because it has little impact on the environment. Also, it is very durable over time.

What are the advantages of the adiabatic system?

Evaporative air cooling provides fresh air simply by humidifying the warm air. It is thus presented as a good option from an ecological point of view. Also, it is a very efficient system that is increasingly adopted for cooling complete buildings. One of its main advantages lies in the fact that it can facilitate both the ventilation of small rooms and the ventilation of large spaces.

It can be used as well to air-condition rooms of several hundred square meters to create a good temperature in a house or an apartment. The adiabatic system is also quite economical during installation and use. Simple to set up, its price however depends on the space to be ventilated. As well, it does not generate big energy bills. It is for this reason that it is more and more adopted.

Good to know about evaporative cooling

Bio air conditioning works on the principle of hot air cooling. For it to be effective, the air must be really hot. The higher the outside temperature, the more efficient it is. The drier the original air, the better the cooling. When there is a relatively low relative humidity at the base air level, the RAE can lower the room temperature by up to 15 degrees.

Also, you should know that the acquisition prices of such a system vary according to the model but also and especially according to the size of the room to be conditioned. Indeed, there are simple mobile adiabatic systems for individuals just as there are much more complex devices that have aeraulic networks. The latter is much more suitable for industrial premises and large homes.

Why choose industrial air conditioning by industrial cooling?

This type of industrial air conditioner maintains the premises in overpressure with a constant flow of fresh, naturally cooled air. The stale air is permanently evacuated. It is evacuated either through the existing openings, or through pressure flaps, or by extractors.

These large volume air conditioners are compact and include a centrifugal fan, water distribution and distribution system, a pump, a water supply with float, an automatic emptying system for the unit’s pan, and special rigid panels ( Celek).

AER offers a wide range of devices (from 10,000 to 70,000 m3 / h) to meet any request. They can be installed on the roof, on the facade, or the ground with different blowing outlets (downwards, horizontally, or upwards). The range also includes mobile equipment on wheels.

The air is diffused through horizontal ducts with blowing grilles. It can also be done by vertical ducts with an air distribution plenum with 6 outlets.

Advantages and disadvantages of air conditioning: the conclusion

If you invest in a reliable, energy-efficient air conditioner and have your system serviced regularly, you have nothing to worry about. As long as you choose a system that works for you and the air conditioning is set correctly to maintain the ideal temperature and humidity, there is no downside to having air conditioning installed.

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