One of the most important skills students can improve is their writing, however, that can’t be accomplished if they’re not taught properly. Throughout one’s educational career, there are many students that struggle to write a quality essay they were simply given a prompt, but never informed how to construct the paper. When students aren’t given the correct training on how to write essays (especially it concerns (i.e. discursive essays, argumentative essays or TOK essays) because,  it not only hurts them now, but in the future as well. Middle school and high school instructors have the ability to pass students along without teaching every skill required; unfortunately, college professors tend to grade with the highest standards possible. Not having the proper skills to write an essay can make school so much harder and more time consuming than necessary, possibly making it an unpleasant experience for the student.

Most students’ future education depends on SAT or ACT scores during high school, and while many colleges today require a separate essay from the SAT/ACT exam, so much depends on the result of a single test. Without the correct knowledge of how to write a decent essay and the skills this task entails, writing a paper under a strict timeframe could possibly result in an unorganized and unclear essay. If one doesn’t have to participate in the essay portion of the test, there is still a large portion of reading and writing that directly affects one’s score. Throughout those two sections, one must comb through the passages to find errors that would come easier to someone who knows what a proper essay should look like and what certain errors need to be corrected.

“Essays are a vital part of college, constantly being requested, whether as a weekly assignment or as the final,” says Rachel Summers, an essay writing expert at and There’s also the fact that everyone must turn in a personal essay to get into the college of their choosing, something that could determine whether one receives an acceptance letter. Colleges claim that in order to have a successful paper, you need to be yourself, and that part is true; however, you also need to have a well-constructed paper to get your point across and show specific knowledge on how to do so.

The skills to write a quality essay are equally important for any future career. So many, if not all, jobs require the ability to complete a writing task in multiple formats; however, how could one do so if they don’t even have the basic skills to write an essay, a task given to middle schoolers? At least once in everyone’s career they will experience a situation where they must write and use the skills given from learning how to write an essay, using what they know to complete this task.

Essays are the foundation of most school and job tasks that lead to a successful future, and the skills that produce a quality essay are vital to know. Whether one must write an essay to get into college, write one to get a good grade in a class, or to complete an assignment for work, the skills needed are required everywhere.

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