Ice hockey is often regarded as Canada’s game. From a playing perspective, it’s almost undeniable. If you look through the list of Stanley Cup winners from 1915 to 2020, you’ll see that the top two teams, the Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto Maple Leafs, are both from Canada. It’s a similar story when you look at Canada’s off-the-ice stats. According to the online sports betting site Mr Green, hockey is the most popular sport to speculate on in Canada. Indeed, its own online sportsbook is dominated by odds, offers, and in-depth analytics for every NHL match as well as games taking place in Europe. As Mr Green puts it, this high octane game is certainly one of the most thrilling professional sports around.

In tandem with hockey attracting all the attention at online betting sites, it’s popular with TV audiences. NHL data shows that more than 2.8 million Canadians watched hockey on CBS, TVA Sports, and Sportsnet. So, whichever way you slice it, Canadians love hockey. They love playing, they love watching the top players pull off slick moves, and they love the drama of a game. Something else they love is the theatre of ice hockey: the pageantry and spectacle of live games are captivating. From the chill of the ice to the smell of hotdogs, there’s something special about going to watch a game.

A major part of these theatrics is music. Every stadium has its own songs that stir the crowd into a frenzy before and during a game. These tunes add to the drama and create a sense of anticipation and excitement that make hockey even more entertaining. Indeed, the reason so many Canadians love the game is the entertainment it provides. Music is an inseparable part of the package. So, with that being said, here are some top tunes that hockey teams use to get the crowd going.

Oh, Canada

There’s no better song to get a Canadian crowd going than the national anthem. However, the reception it gets always depends on the singer. As long as someone can deliver Oh, Canada’s immortal lines with passion, power, and pride, they’ll always get the crowd on their side.

Blitzkrieg Bop by the Ramones

The memorable line “hey, ho, let’s go” is what makes this an iconic ice hockey tune. Although the Ramones never intended their rock hit to inspire the offensive lines of a hockey team, their song is often played when crowds want to see a goal.

We Will Rock You by Queen

This song is a hockey hit for one reason: the drumbeat. Yes, the lyrics are great and Freddie Mercury’s vocals always stir the emotions. However, it’s the “dum, dum, da” intro that fans can’t help but stamp their feet to like a war cry.

We Are the Champions by Queen

If you ever want to bring a tear of passion to the eye of an athlete or a fan, play We Are the Champions. The music alone is enough to rouse even the meekest of souls. However, when you listen to the lyrics and how they tell of a person rising up against the odds, you’ll realize that it’s a musical masterpiece capable of getting anyone on their feet.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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