Bookies and casinos have one thing in common, they hate losing their edge. Although a casino can expel you from its premises by acting inappropriately (that includes overcoming its house edge), bookies appeal to put a limit on your betting sizes progressively until hitting rock-bottom zero. While not the most ethical, is still a perfectly legal method for bookies to protect themselves from the most skilled punters. In order to have a long and profitable career professional bettors most not only beat the odds, but also the cat and mice game.

Unfairly Profitable

Bookies dedicate time and money to build profitable and attractive odds for punters. They also invest in bonuses and free bets to ensure their customer will keep betting with them even if they lose. Professional punters know that but simply don’t buy it. Because their trade involves also having an edge they become a bookie’s most dreaded enemy. Despite the large amounts of money involved in betting, profit margins are quite slim for the bookie, and consistent winners make them even lower. But instead of barring a customer (bookies like to brag their legions of customers), they choose to limit their account. Before any bet is accepted, a trade team evaluates the risk of the bet and the punters as well. If you are considered a winning punter you’ll be capped to an amount small enough to not become a threat. Another method bookies have especially online is to slip an “error” message on targeted accounts explaining that they cannot process your bet. Others are more straightforward and simply close the market. There are many cases of punters making the same bet from different accounts exposing that practice. While either practice sparks the rage among bettors nothing can be done since we accept in the terms and conditions of service that our account can be closed or limited under the bookies’ discretion. But instead of losing our calm, we can beat the house in its own game without them even noticing in.

Methods to Prevent Our Account Getting Limited

Limit Your Withdrawals

One natural reaction after winning is to cash it out immediately. While this action is not unusual, making continuous deposits and withdrawals will raise the alarms. Keeping your money in the betting accounts at sites via and cashing it slowly will make the bookies keep overlooking you.

Always Round Your Bets

Placing bets such as 43.22 on a bookie is usually a red flag for arbing. Even if you don’t know the term or you consider that sum a lucky one, the bookie will be warrier over your next bets. Finishing your bets with a 5 or a 0 won’t max your yield but won’t limit your betting options.

Bet Like a Mug

Nobody wants to dump money but a smart punter must know when to make sacrifices. Losing regularly a bet will cool-down any alert with the bookie, meaning that you only need to lose to the bookie but not necessarily your ROI as in the long run you will be diverting bookies and buying more betting opportunities.

Spread the Winning Bets

Unless there is a great event like the past US elections, making huge (winning) bets on regular matches won’t improve your relationship with the bookie. If you have a sure winner, try to spread the bet over several bookies. Earning the maximum yield with less attention as possible is worth the extra effort.

Act Like a Normal Bettor

Normal bettors bet mostly on mainstream markets like first division classic football matches or a Champions league finale, after all, that’s what bookies are promoting. But anyone betting on obscure markets such as 3rd division basketball in Uzbekistan and winning on a regular basis is going to be limited.


There is no perfect system to beat bookies. After all, they can track every transaction we made and analyse our betting records to see if our winnings are just a stretch of luck or something more. If we are looking to keep making profits in the long run, then acting as the perfect customer is all that we need.
Written by Stop The Breaks
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