Nothing makes an activity more enjoyable than having the perfect soundtrack. You’ll feel more inspired to do your best work and the time will move by quickly if you’re stuck doing chores! But if you’re pressed for time, it can be hard to know what music to choose.

Finding the right music selection makes all the difference in how you function. Keep reading to learn some great tips so you can have the perfect soundtrack for your hobbies and activities!

Choose a Theme To Guide Your Music Selection

Do you like country music? Or is early jazz more your thing? When you’re trying to pull together the perfect music choices, consider organizing your selections according to a theme. This will keep your music connected and consistent!

If you’re spending your afternoon doing some watercolor paintings of your favorite seaside town, compile music that relates to this experience of being by the ocean. You can choose sunny surf music for a carefree feel, or easy-listening music to capture the calming feel of being near water.

If you’re in the basement doing some organizing on a weekend afternoon, create an uptempo mix of music that can keep you moving toward the finish line. You’ll feel more motivated and stay on track to complete the task in front of you!

Aim For Variety

Variety is the spice of life, as William Cowper’s 1785 poem reminds us. And when you’re talking about music, variety can be the key to sustaining your interest. Too many slow songs can get you off your game, so mix in some pop songs or reggae classics to build more momentum and energy.

A playlist that surprises you every few minutes with an unexpected song or genre can help you get going. When you listen to an album over and over again, you start to anticipate the songs — and you know what you think of them already. Choosing a musical playlist that is a little more eclectic prevents this from happening.

You’ll jump from country to smooth jazz, with detours into bluegrass and hip hop along the way. Ultimately, you’ll keep your mind guessing each time the next song is coming up!

Update Your Playlists Each Month

Once you have created some cool playlists to add musical flair to your activities, you need to update those playlists to keep them from feeling stale. It’s perfectly normal to get tired of hearing even the best songs after a while, so spend some time revising your playlists each month.

How many songs should you have on your playlist? While opinions may vary, a good point of consideration is how long you’ll need to listen to the music — and how often you’ll listen to a given playlist. You should plan on having at least two dozen songs to avoid too much of the same music, especially if you use the same playlists a lot.

If your music is meant to keep you jogging during a 45-minute workout, you could plow through 15 pop songs in that period of time. Since you don’t want to hear the same songs during each workout, aim for 30 or even 60 songs per playlist. And each month, make a plan to swap out some of your go-to songs that have been in rotation for a while for a few new ones.

Consider Lyrics vs. No Lyrics

Another consideration is whether you should choose music with lyrics or without lyrics. This is a decision that can take time to determine since you might have to try both options to figure out what works best. For some people, lyrics can be more of a distraction than an asset.

Music that accompanies a study session or highly-focused project may need to be free of lyrics. Lyrics tend to tell a story or invite focused listening, but if your attention needs to be somewhere else, they can become a distraction.

For other activities where you’re moving around or checking tasks off your to-do list, lyrics can be more of a help than a hindrance. The best lyrics will capture your attention and even inspire you to work harder!

Match the Tempo to the Project

When you’re thinking about how to choose music, don’t overlook the importance of tempo. A faster, uptempo song can be the perfect antidote to a boring job or the afternoon blues. Crank up the crunchy guitar riffs and you’ll be back in action!

On the other hand, if you’re using music as a sleep aid, you’ll probably want to move to the other end of the spectrum. Gentle instrumental arrangements or ambient music can be the winning choice in this situation.

When in doubt, try a few different mixes of musical styles to find the best one for your situation. Some music can be so fast-paced that you can’t think clearly, while other types of music can relax you when you need to be alert.

When you’re investigating musical options, you may become interested in incorporating music into other projects, too. Just be sure to pay attention to usage rules any time you use music in personal video projects. If you start adding music to digital projects that you’re creating, read more here to discover how royalty-free music can be the solution you need.

Start Listening

The perfect music selection has the power to turn even the most mundane activities into fun experiences. Take the time to figure out what kind of music you like, and make sure to update your playlists every so often so you don’t get bored. You can keep your life running at its peak with the perfect soundtrack.

And when you’re ready to find more fresh ways to build your musical lifestyle, check back with us for new and informative articles!

Written by Stop The Breaks
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