Have you ever started reading a book then lost concentration midway? You know you are actually reading because you keep turning the pages, but you cannot seem to retain a thing. The brain fogs up due to various reasons, among them aging. As we age, such things as subtle damage to blood vessels, inflammation, and the shrinking of the brain take a toll, and we slowly lose mental focus.

Harmful Things Students Do to Improve Mental Focus

When you have so much to cover in little time and you to be done with your deadlines, you may be tempted to do whatever, even unethical things that may have damaging consequences later in your life. For example, your exams, essay passing are coming up or just there is a lot of study stuff is need to be done need, so you harry up and, in fact, lose much knowledge.

Somebody just knows how correctly determines their time, as a result, leaves difficult tasks on others shoulders, like people who search free essay samples online talk or just use them to increase their level of knowledge on things as study drugs or others. There are more samples on Eduzaurus that can give you the information on harmful things students do to improve their level of concentration or about the dangers, popularity of student’s drugs, or just any interesting themes you may like to know better.

Why are study drugs popular? They increase the heart rate, alertness, energy, and blood pressure for a short period, during which the user will get a false feeling that they are thinking clearer. Since the effects are short-lived, you may have to keep pumping the system up to keep this feeling. Prescription stimulants known to have this effect are Adderall, Dexedrine, Vyvanse, and Ritalin or Concerta.

Are they harmful? Sure. Once taken, they send neurotransmitters to the brain that then give the user a feeling of focus and concentration. Once the effect fades, one crashes, and they start feeling sluggish and disoriented. They have to keep using the drug to bring back that good feeling, which is how they get addicted.  Large quantities of stimulants lead to life-threatening conditions such as seizures, irregular heartbeat, stroke, and blood pressure. So, instead of improving your mental health, these stimulants may destroy your focus for life.

4 Tips on How to Focus Better

You are not utterly hopeless when it comes to changing your levels of focus. Here are three things you can start doing to improve memory.

Being Mindful

You can choose to be intentionally present during any moment you are awake. A simple exercise as closing your eyes and focusing on the noises around you, including your breath, will allow you to enter into a meditative mode where you learn to become mindful. It takes a while to learn to focus on specific things, but with regular practice and dedication, it is possible. You can then transfer this to your study time and see how it works.

Adopting a Healthier Lifestyle

The health of the brain is tied to what you eat, much as you may not think this to be the case. A healthy mind – a healthy body mindset will see you stating sharp both physically and mentally. A Mediterranean diet that comprises nuts, legumes, beans, cereals, vegetables, fruits, and low intake of dairy and meats has been favored due to its positive brain health implications.

Including physical activities in your day is yet another healthy adoption that will promote your mental health. It has been seen to increase the presence of brain chemicals that improve sleep and reduce stress. A well-rested mind leads to more productivity.

Plan your Study

Decide before you start what your goal is and work towards it. If you decide you will go through three chapters today, then aim to hit that. While doing this, you want to know that there is more to reading than turning the pages. Set another goal where you check whether what you read was retained. It could be a quiz covering the topic or a summary of what you have learned.

Schedule “Worry” Time

This may sound a little off, but it doesn’t hurt to schedule time to worry. Think about the things that typically cause you to lose focus for a few minutes every day with the intention of cutting this time down. If today you scheduled 20 minutes, aim to cut it by three tomorrow and so forth. Knowing that you have this as part of your plans removes the need to do it during the time you are reading your schoolwork. Eventually, you may not need to schedule this activity at all.

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