There are many reasons why players tend to switch from physical to the online casino experience. By all means, gambling on the internet offers a lot of conveniences to take benefit of. Yet, the bonuses are among the gambler’s favorite things in an online casino as the land-based playing companies don’t offer them at all.

If you are about to start your casino activity on the internet and cannot wait to get one of your operator’s top promotions, don’t close this page. This material provides you with a top-to-bottom guide explaining how to get your first bonus – aka the welcome bonus – from a casino.

Do I need a promo code to unlock a casino bonus?

Many newbies in the field are worried that with no experience in the field, they cannot use a casino welcome bonus because they don’t have a promo code. Indeed, in some cases, such a promotion requires a bonus code to be entered. In other cases, the gambling house does not even provide any welcome bonuses, but if you find a promo code and type it during registration, you will receive one. The extra special Stake casino bonus for newly registered players is an excellent example of such a hypothesis.

What else should I do to grab a fantastic welcome offer?

First, you should find an operator that offers not just a welcome bonus but a really generous welcome bonus. How to figure out if a new registration promotion is worth it? For such an estimation, all you have to do is to read the bonus terms and conditions. It’s possible for you to do it without making a registration but as a regular visitor of the website. Make sure to consider if the wagering requirements are not very tough. The gift you will get might not be as exclusive as it sounds if they are.

Getting a casino welcome bonus – a step-by-step guide

  1. Find an online casino that’s high-quality and offers a good enough bonus.
  2. Read the bonus terms and conditions.
  3. Open an account on the casino website.
  4. Once you confirm your new registration, don’t forget to go through the activation process.
  5. Usually, to activate your account, you need to click on a link sent directly to your e-mail or enter a code received on your mobile phone.
  6. Make a deposit. In 90% of the cases, the welcome casino bonus is a deposit bonus.
  7. See if the bonus is credited to your account.

It’s not a challenging task to receive a welcome bonus. Usually, meeting the wagering requirements is the hardest part of the entire process. Don’t underestimate them because without doing what the conditions tell you to do, you will lose your bonus gift and all of the cash you have earned through the bonus. Lastly, don’t forget that opening an account in a casino only because of its bonus is not ok. At first, you should consider if the company is reliable enough and then evaluate the bonus quality.

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