A data-driven content strategy is an advent to producing and developing content that depends massively on acumens from data. All content decisions are based on data aggregated through research and analytics rather than inspiration or assumptions.

The goal of a data-driven strategy is to improve content performance and assure appreciative audience response.

Using data will help you create a comprehensive content strategy and write texts that resonate with your target audience and will help increase customers over time. For a more visually appealing design, the softr’s random shape generator simplifies the design process by three times, leaving the designer with only a few steps to complete.

By the way, the customer path is not always straightforward. People move back and forth between the stages, and the journey can vary slightly depending on the type of company. You should measure audience intelligence and concentrate on the audience research that can help identify the most prevalent trends. However, the content must be customized to one of three stages of the customer journey:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Decision

But does your content generate a profit? All other marketing strategies are inferior to this. Were you able to generate leads, were those leads converted, and what was the impact of those conversions on the ROI?

Creating and tracking targets in Google Analytics is one way to track leads and conversions. As not all pieces of content lead to revenue directly, you should prioritize various metrics for each type. This should be possible if you have outlined your content marketing goals (customer engagement, sales boost etc.) and what stages each piece corresponds to. Consider metrics related to user behavior, virality, as well as SEO performance for awareness stage content. In the consideration stage, you should focus on engagement metrics. When creating content for the decision stage, you need to consider revenue.

The key to tracking all your metrics is to use tools. You will probably find Google Analytics to be the most popular, but setting it up takes time. Alternatively, you can choose the data analytics tools that best suit your needs.

If you’re present on many SaaS channels, you will have a lot of metrics to track. You could keep track of the information yourself with a traditional spreadsheet or use one of the many data tracking software tools out there for better outcomes and time savings.

In the case of the blockchain companies, cryptocurrency trading has now moved into a new era with the emergence of new blockchain services such as Ethereum with its high-performing area.

To track performance indicators, use data analytics tools. It’s best to use content analytics tools for research, analytics, and data collection as analyzing data manually is time-consuming and often leads to fallacious results. To determine whether or not you are progressing, these metrics must be tracked over time. To organize all these actions properly, you should use task management software to keep track of daily work and never miss urgent operations.

According to Google, almost two-thirds of top marketers believe that data-driven decisions are better than gut-based decisions. Furthermore, according to Forbes, 64% of executives polled ‘strongly agree’ that data-driven marketing is critical to advance in an extremely competitive global economy.

To get your message heard nowadays, you should aim for data-driven content marketing. You will increase your chances of getting the correct KPIs while saving a lot of time and money by taking a data-first approach. Data is malleable at any stage of the content lifecycle, from development to delivery and optimization. Finally, if you develop a new content marketing strategy, such as influencer marketing, or testing a new software platform, your results should be tied to valid data.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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