When you think of countries that entertain the world, you would probably think of America first. It seems no matter which film, TV show or musician you listen to, there will be a connection to this powerhouse of entertainment. However, it would be wrong to think that they are the only country creating outstanding global talent. Here is a look at some of the New Zealand talent making it big around the world.


When you think of gaming, you probably do not think of New Zealand, a country with quite a relaxed pace rather than somewhere that is full of adrenaline. In reality, people in New Zealand enjoy gaming just as much as any other country in the world, if not more. In fact, an increasing amount of people in the country are regularly playing games throughout their busy days.

New Zealand is one of a number of countries around the world, where people are not just saving gaming for special occasions. No longer do people have to travel to casinos to play some of the most iconic games. Instead, as long as you have got access to a laptop or even a smartphone, you can be playing a game within minutes. This has led to a whole range of games being available to play online for real money. For example, the www.spincasino.com has everything from classic slot machines, roulette, table games and even some more obscure games that you may have never even heard of before. As the popularity of these games continue to rise in New Zealand and across the world, more and more games are being added to these websites.


You might think the world’s most famous comedians either come from America or Britain. In fact, there is a whole new generation of New Zealanders that are becoming famous for their comedy. For example, Rhys Darby is probably best known for his iconic role in Flight of the Concords but has also starred in a whole number of Hollywood films and guest starred in some big shows like Modern Family. He is not the only one to make a big name for himself around the world, either. In fact, Rose Matafeo is now arguably more famous in the UK than she is in NZ. She has just stared in her first sitcom based in London and made by the BBC for a British audience, but the show has already been such a success it will no doubt be reaching screens across the world soon.


If you asked people of a certain generation who their favorite New Zealand artist or band is, they would probably reply with someone like Keith Urban or Crowded House. If you asked the younger generation, the name that would probably come to their minds first would be the massively talented Lorde. Despite still only being in her early 20s, she has already sold 5 million albums, had two sell-out tours, and performed on the prestigious Saturday Night Live stage. With a third album already in the works, her career shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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