50 Cent is a famous US rapper. He’s had a huge impact on the hip-hop industry, and despite being gunned down in 2000, shortly before his first track was due for release, his career has gone from strength to strength. Not only is he a star in the hip-hop world, but he has also built a successful career in the movies, as an actor, writer, director, and producer. Not only that, but 50 Cent has played himself in The Simpsons, and appeared on various chat shows over the years. Is there no end to this man’s talents?!

50 Cent is well-known for his dedication to music, so it’s hardly surprising to learn he spends a lot of time in the studio, laying down new tracks and collaborating with other artists. But what does 50 Cent, AKA Curtis James Jackson do in his free time when he’s not making music? Let’s find out.

Read Scripts

As you might expect for a rapper with a secondary career in movies and TV, 50 Cent spends some of his free time reading scripts he’s been sent. He usually does this when he’s in the office, especially on a Sunday when it is nice and quiet.

Watch Netflix

50 cent may be used to having a role in front of and behind the camera, but he also enjoys watching movies and shows. His favourite time to watch TV and Netflix is in the evening, before bed. He’s a huge fan of Jake Gyllenhaal, so anything with him in a starring role is a good choice.


Like many musicians, 50 Cent enjoys gaming when he has some free time. Back in 2012, 50 Cent listened to the voices in his head and placed a wager on his favourite team, the New York Giants, to win against the San Francisco 49ers. They did indeed win and 50 Cent was half a million bucks richer. Since then, he has become a keen sports betting fan. We think he probably enjoys online casino slots Canada, too.

Working Out

50 Cent is a keen gym goer. He belongs to two different gyms and likes to switch them up, so his workout routine doesn’t get boring. When he needs to bulk up for a movie role, he concentrates on pumping iron but, if the role calls for a leaner physique, he focuses on doing cardio workouts with some plyometrics and high reps thrown in for good measure. In both cases, he likes to work with a personal trainer.

Once he’s done working out, 50 Cent likes to chill in the sauna for a bit, where he can soak up the heat and really relax. And who can blame him? Sauna sessions are great for stress relief and toxin removal, especially after a sweaty workout in the gym.

Order in Food

Who doesn’t like to order in great food? Well, 50 Cent keeps a stash of menus handy for when he’s feeling hungry. He’s especially fond of steak and chicken wraps.

50 Cent may not have a lot of free time, but he does like to make the most of what he does have!

Written by Stop The Breaks
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