Cannabis can be used to boost creative ideas and reduce inhibitions. It is also known to promote divergent thinking and decrease REM sleep. However, not all cannabis users report higher levels of creativity. Some cannabis users report nothing of note, which may be a sign that they are naturally creative, while others report they feel mentally and physically taxed when they smoke cannabis. Regardless of your reason, cannabis may inspire you to be a better musician and create more music.

THC lowers inhibitions

Whether THC lowers inhibitions in musicians is still a controversial topic. Some researchers believe that marijuana can reduce inhibitions by increasing euphoric feelings and easing anxiety. However, others say the same cannot be true. Studies have shown that THC lowers inhibitions in musicians, but the results are mixed. There are many variables that contribute to the difference. Despite this controversy, THC, mostly from feminized seeds, is widely considered a helpful medicine, especially for musicians.

In a phase I study of older people with Alzheimer’s disease, THC and its derivatives affected their plasma concentration of 11-hydroxy-THC. The concentration of THC in plasma was variable between subjects, with a mean of 1.42 ng/mL in the first group and 3.15 ng/mL in the second. The results were consistent across groups, though the effects on mood and concentration were not.

CBD reduces REM sleep

CBD may be an effective way to help musicians sleep. The psychoactive component in marijuana can decrease REM sleep in normal rats. It also decreases physiological non-REM sleep. The exact mechanism by which CBD reduces anxiety-induced sleep remains unknown. Nevertheless, it may have an anxiolytic effect. It reduces anxiety by inhibiting neurotransmitter release. This property of CBD may also help musicians recover from insomnia, which is a common symptom of chronic stress.

The main mechanism by which CBD works to reduce REM sleep in musicians is to activate the body’s production of its own natural substance. This substance activates the production of CBD. The effects are also well-documented in other fields. During REM sleep, musicians are prone to vivid dreams. The brain shuts down part of the muscles, which results in paralysis. During REM atonia, only breathing and heart muscles function. During REM behavior disorder, the muscles become active and cause physical acting out of dreams. The natural sleep aid CBD can help musicians fall asleep faster and better.

CBD promotes divergent thinking

Cannabis can enhance divergent thinking, a way of putting ideas to good use. Divergent thinking is a common practice in the creative process and is known to facilitate problem-solving and innovative ideation. Research has demonstrated that CBD increases the ability to use creative thought processes and improve fluency in musicians. For instance, people who are low in creativity benefit from smoked cannabis, as it increases their original responses to associative processes and verbal fluency.

Cannabis (THC) is a mild psychedelic, but higher doses can lead to potent psychedelic trips. It works by increasing cerebral blood flow to the frontal lobe, which is responsible for divergent thinking. Higher doses can lead to mystical experiences such as dreams or hallucinogenic trips, but lower dosages are more effective for improving divergent thinking. A small dose can increase flexibility and fluency, while a high dose can cause the opposite effect.

OG Kush is a high THC strain

OG Kush is an incredibly potent strain with a citrus and earthy flavor and gassy terpene profile. This high-THC strain is a great choice for creative pursuits because it boosts creativity and leaves you feeling clear-headed and energized. Whether you’re a musician or just a music lover, you’re sure to find something in OG Kush that works for you.

The scent of OG varies from plant to plant, but the smell is typically earthy, pungent, and often has heavy lemon-fuel notes. The flavor and aroma of OG marijuana make it a perennial favorite for many smokers. The Denver-based cannabis photographer and researcher Ry Prichard tweets about marijuana nearly every week. His pictures of cannabis are truly inspiring.

It increases creativity

Although leading researchers are unsure of exactly how cannabis affects creativity, preliminary evidence suggests that it can help some individuals improve their abilities in the creative process. Clinical psychologist Dr Grainne Schafer’s research published in Consciousness and Cognition in 2012 suggests that marijuana can help people connect concepts and improve their creative thinking. In this study, she and her team studied the effects of marijuana on participants with schizotypy – a form of schizophrenia with mild symptoms. Cannabis users were also found to have higher creative thinking than people without cannabis.

Although marijuana does have many side effects, some people believe it can improve creativity in musicians. The use of marijuana in music is widely accepted by some artists, including the late Jamie Lowes and the legendary jazz musician Prince O. Many musicians use marijuana to boost their creativity, and it can help them relax and focus more on the present. Despite this, research into its creative effects is still ongoing. Aside from increasing artistic talent, marijuana can also help musicians improve their overall mood and improve their performance.

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