College Admissions Prompts are an integral part of the admissions process. The crucial part of the job is of course to select a topic that connects to you. The next step can be to gather information about how to go about it.

Experts often opine that draft essays can be a great way to improve the quality of the essays. How to use the draft essays, and how can they benefit you?

While writing the first draft a key point to note is you should not worry about its quality. The idea is to have something on the paper which can give you directions for the succeeding ones.

The approach to tackle the draft can vary. You can write it from the beginning to the end. However, it is also common that people write parts of it as at times they don’t have exposure to the entire picture from the beginning.

Stop Aiming for Perfection

Seldom do people write a perfect first draft. If you can not write the first draft perfectly, consider yourself to be part of the larger set of students who also face the same issue. Being disheartened about it is not a good option, rather what you can do is follow a process to get to the perfect draft.

Crafting an effective draft that bolsters your statement involves rewriting and extensive editing. Don’t be sentimental about any part of the draft. You may have to delete or alter any part of it in the succeeding steps.

It is crucial to note that this step is for you to pen down your thoughts and ideas in one place. Correction of grammatical mistakes or misplaced phrases can have a fixation when you edit. Hence stop worrying about those and concentrate on the ideas.

Focussing on the specifics of the topic on which you are writing the essay, can help you delve deeper and emphasize how it impacts you. These may seem insignificant while you ideate, but these can help you write a compelling essay.

A Captivating Introduction

As it is common in most cases, the first impression has a lot of impact on the overall experience. Focussing on the introduction can be a crucial part of creating a great first impression. It is wise to pay attention to this part as you get only one chance.

Failure to do so can result in readers losing interest in the latter half of the article. It can be disheartening, especially if that reader is the college admissions officer.

So have a set of engaging hooks that are compelling enough for the reader to remain captivated from the beginning. Two possible approaches can aid you to tackle this situation.

A popular approach is to start in the middle of the story or action rather than following the start-to-end treatment. This type of approach is particularly engaging for the readers as it does two things:

  • Make them wonder how you reached that point from where you started the essay
  • Ponder over how you will shape the next phase.

Hence, these are intriguing and solid openers for thematic as well as narrative structures. Ideating about crafting such a beginning may seem easy but determining it while writing can be difficult.

A good way to do this is to identify the high points in your story. If you are unsure of that, you can pen down the entire story and then try and identify these.

The second approach is a discrete generalization and may sound a little antithesis to you. Such an approach generally entails charting the flow of the essay in an offbeat or unexpected way. Though these can be a little trickier for you to write, compared to the first approach, you can do wonders with this approach, particularly for thematic structure-based essays.

Seek Consultation From Others

The advent of technology has led to easing the process of seeking help from others. Professional websites nowadays offer solutions to students, about their education, like homework answers. These are specifically helpful to aid you in seeking help from online tutors who can give their inputs to improve the quality of the essays.

The availability of a vast number of subjects can help ease you to sail through any difficult situation.

You can also choose to seek help from your friends and family. It often happens that the best ideas come from the people near and around you.

So draft essays can aid you to reach your goal of a good college admission prompt. The careful usage of the editing process and opting to draft again and again can have a lot more impact on your essay than you know.

You can start by penning down your initial thoughts then as you progress, you will get to see the betterment with each draft.

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