4/20 used to be seen as a silent victory for people who enjoy marijuana, however, it is now a mainstream and widely celebrated holiday. It is no longer seen as taboo where smokers stay up as long as possible to enjoy a bowl. So, as 4/20approaches, it is best to be fully prepared for this holiday in the same way that you’d prepare for the Super Bowl.

At Herb Hightower, we’re ready to get you prepared for this holiday with this informative post.

Enjoy Marijuana/Cannabis Safely

We highly recommend that you enjoy the 4/20 holiday as safely and responsibly as possible so that this holiday and its related events can continue for many years into the future. Once you’re ready to celebrate, make sure that you’re adhering to your state and local laws. If you want to know about these laws in Colorado, be sure to check out one of our previous posts that dives into the legal guidelines for this particular state. If you’re located in Michigan, we also have another post that can assist. Now, keep in mind that laws do change, so make sure that you keep up to date with the laws before you enjoy cannabis. So, with that said, let’s get into all the ways that you can enjoy this day.

Check Out Your Local Dispensary

When it comes to planning for 4/20, you would need access to premium cannabis to celebrate. You can find this at High Level Health located in both Colorado and Michigan. You can easily find the best and most highly awarded cannabis at these dispensaries. There are approximately 8 dispensaries that you can visit where you can get all your questions answered as well as get a supply of the best marijuana on the market.

Get The Necessary Smoking Paraphernalia

Using old and dirty bongs and glass pipes to smoke your weed is definitely old and outdated. In order to get ready for 4/20, you need to get higher-quality smoking paraphernalia. Be sure to thoroughly clean your pipe which can actually improve the taste since premium cannabis contains terpenes that enhance the effects. Make an occasion of it with some fun rope like green glow necklaces.

Create Your Edibles

Marijuana or cannabis edibles are a fun and tasty way to enjoy 4/20. After all, what is a celebration without food and treats? You can easily infuse a wide variety of foods and desserts with cannabis. If you haven’t made or tried cannabis edibles before, then be sure to check out our blog which will help you through the process. This is certainly a great idea if you love cooking!

Get Snacks

Using cannabis will undoubtedly leave you with munchies. So, make sure you’re well prepared by going to your local grocery and getting your favorite foods and snacks before April 20th. Even if you don’t want to go to the grocery beforehand, you should consider getting a late-night food delivery service that will deliver your favorite foods.

Organize Movies

As 4/20 closes, one great way to end the day is to watch a good movie. There are lots of fantastic movies that you can watch that will surely entertain you and your friends. However, if you prefer to play video games, then be sure to check out these popular games to keep you well entertained.

To wrap things up, be sure to check out one of our dispensaries located in Colorado or Michigan. You’ll be able to get the best and most highly awarded cannabis that will make this holiday one to remember.

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