Not a single industry has been left untouched by the sweeping pandemic of 2020. Live musical performances are no exception. You might be wondering if you can still attend concerts, and if you can, how things will look in a post COVID world. If there are extra steps or precautions you’re going to need to make to see your favorite musician live. You’re right to spend a little time thinking about this as things might be somewhat different than the last time you attended a musical show. If you are considering attending a live musical performance there are many things that need to be considered.

The Impact of Coronavirus on Concerts

With the world beginning to test the reopening of activities we used to do on the regular, there are many additional considerations we need to have before joining in. In many towns and counties, there are currently mandatory mask laws that require people to wear masks when in any indoor public spaces. Make sure you do your research ahead of time and know whether you will be expected to wear a mask at a particular venue. You might also have to experience some form of screening to get inside the event.

In addition, some countries have laws in place about the number of people allowed in a venue of a given size and whether or not dancing is permitted (because of social distancing). You may need to adjust your expectations before you attend a concert in a post-pandemic world. This doesn’t mean the event won’t be as much fun, in fact, it might turn out to be wonderful. Perhaps the show will feel much more intimate. Maybe you’ll get closer to the band or musician than you ever could have before. At the very least, the lineup for the bathroom won’t be so absurd.

Get Your Tickets

If you feel like you can handle the necessary coronavirus precautions you need to take, then you can start searching for your tickets. Those at emphasize that wherever you buy your tickets, you should look into whether the retailer has a “canceled because of COVID refund” option. This is becoming increasingly standard among ticket merchants, but you should still check to be sure. They also warn that ticket refunds in that scenario might take a little longer than would be typical as many event organizers are being bombarded by coronavirus-related issues.

Figure Out the Practicalities of Attending the Show

Figure out how you’re going to get to the show and whether or not you need accommodation for the evening. Again, because of coronavirus, some of the options you were used to might be altered or unavailable completely. Many cities have put short-term rentals through apps on pause in an attempt to reduce the number of people traveling in and out of the city. Likewise, some forms of public transit are operating at a lower capacity, meaning you might need to wait and take a second bus if a certain number of people are already on. Plan for some extra time to account for any delays that may arise.

Prepare Yourself for the Magic of the Show

Once all the nitty-gritty stuff is figured out, you really only have one thing left to do. Get yourself pumped up for the show. Listen to the music you love, convince some friends to get tickets and come with you, watch live recordings of the band on the internet, whatever it is that gets you excited to enjoy the evening.

With the above tips kept in mind, you are well on your way to feeling prepared to attend a concert in a post COVID world. It is important to remember that if you feel any of the symptoms of coronavirus you should immediately cancel your plans to attend the show. The health and safety of others are vital. Likewise, if at any time you feel uncomfortable with the behavior of others (getting too close, removing their masks, etc.) it is completely okay to take a little step back. And of course, make sure that when you’re touching items that countless other people have touched, you’re washing your hands properly, with soap and water for at least twenty seconds or using a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.

People can have fun while wearing masks and socially distancing themselves. Music can still be healing and energizing and inspiring, even if the world has been struggling lately. Maybe especially because the world has been struggling lately. Enjoy the show. 

Written by Stop The Breaks
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