All of our world is art. From simple table shapes to graceful butterfly wings, from simple sport bet kenya to stunning music album covers.

In this article, we’ll tell you how to make a cool and memorable cover in 5 steps.

An album cover is a thing that can sell your music to anyone. The more interest the image arouses in a person, the greater the chance that people will pay attention to your work and therefore listen to your songs. When it comes to designing a release, musicians find that recording and mixing songs was easier than designing the release itself. From this text, you’ll learn how music artwork has changed over time, what the picture on a release should be, and how to make your own album cover.

How to Make Your Own Album Cover

Before you make an album cover, admit to yourself: you’ve spent a lot of time honing your own skills and recording music, but you no longer have time to become a Photoshop guru. Nevertheless, making an album cover yourself without being a professional designer is quite realistic. You will need a clear idea of what you want to see, a basic image of an excellent and handy photo editor, and a little time.

Creating an album cover with Canva is easy, even if you’re not very good at images, filters, effects, and other graphic things. There are only a few simple steps to take:

Step 1. Getting Started

Sign in via email or social networking account. Immediately after that the main page opens – here there are possibilities for collective development, as well as all previously created works are saved in the section “Your designs”.

Step 2: Background and Photo

To customize the background, use the settings buttons on the top panel. They will appear if you left click on your cover image. Adjust the filter, white balance, contrast to make everything look exactly the way you want.

Step 3: Graphic Elements

The cover can be made more interesting by adding graphic elements. This can be a ready-made logo, artist’s designation – recognizable graphics that you can add through “Downloads”. In the collection of the service there are different graphic elements – author illustrations on any topics, diagrams, lines, shapes and more.


Don’t overload your cover with too many graphics. It’s important to choose the accent – text, photo in the background, logo. One of the objects should attract more attention than the rest. An abundance of small graphics or a too detailed photo will “blur” the accents.

Step 4: Text

It remains to add the name of the artist or the name of the band, as well as the album/podcast or the single title. To add a text block, use the button on the corresponding tab. Inscription settings are available above the layout – here you can select the font, adjust its size, highlighting, color, transparency.

Step 5: Saving and Loading

To download your finished work, use the download button above the working layout. Choose the PNG format to save the image in high quality.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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